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B-book P&L is rife among many brokers but is very shortsighted. Why don’t retail FX firms execute like Tier 1 banks?

The sooner the peripheral element of the retail FX industry embodies this ethos and begins to populate its offices with professionals with institutional and interbank experience on the technological, execution and relationship side, as well as customer facing staff who understand the means by which the market infrastructure of London and New York operates, the better for everyone, including themselves.

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For FX brokers, monetization and staying competitive is Excel Hell! Live from Guangzhou

How to steer a brokerage forward is not an easy task for executives and CFOs, largely due to very fast developments in the FX industry and the use of reporting systems that are not up to speed. We look at how this can be changed, and how Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agrees that running a lean and efficient model, and why the modernization of reporting and accounting is the only way to drive revenues going forward