$1 billion AUM in one room: FinanceFeeds exclusively brings you the select IBs in Shanghai - Live report - FinanceFeeds

$1 billion AUM in one room: FinanceFeeds exclusively brings you the select IBs in Shanghai – Live report

Andrew Saks

An exclusive audience of top level Chinese IBs were hosted by FinanceFeeds today in Shanghai. Here is the full report

In all sectors of the OTC derivatives industry, China is at the center of the agenda, it being home to the most structured and largest B2B electronic trading environment in the world, by a very long way.

Vast networks of introducing brokers operate in China, and with FinanceFeeds being the only international FX news and research company to have a comprehensive commercial presence in the People’s Republic, FinanceFeeds China, our extensive relationships among China’s industry leaders on a national basis is a unique value that we are committed to bringing to the FX industry’s higher level firms.

Today, FinanceFeeds hosted a bespoke IB Symposium in Shanghai, a service which is produced to order, meaning that a brokerage is able to gain an exclusive audience with a minimum of fifty top level Chinese IBs.

IBs in China are instrumental to the industry’s sustainability globally. They are large, well-staffed companies that offer portfolio management, automated trading and asset distribution services to high net worth investors across the second tier development towns and large financial centers of China, the most important region for the retail FX industry in the world.

FinanceFeeds has specialized in researching the FX industry’s continually evolving landscape and business ethos across mainland China for several years, and has built substantial relationships with large introducing brokers that in many cases have in excess of $300 million in assets under management, and whose requirements for execution are to place business with reputable brokerages in well-regulated jurisdictions in Western countries.

Today, here at the Four Seasons Hotel in Shanghai, FinanceFeeds hosted over 70 senior executives of large IBs in the Shanghai area.

Sponsored by Forest Park FX, one of the only NFA and FCA regulated IBs in operation covering Britain and North America, and a global company that provides a full solution for FX brokerages around client introduction, regulatory consultancy and commercial structure, the event was introduced by Forest Park FX CEO Justin Hertzberg.

Mr Hertzberg expanded on the necessity for large IBs in China to work closely with companies that understand the need for impartiality when choosing a liquidity provider or institutional partner, and explained how keeping pace with technological change and regulatory conditions that are pertinent to the Western markets is very important in China, as firms are referring their client order flow to companies in Western jurisdictions.

“It is imperative that large companies in China that manage portfolios on behalf of their clients are imparted with the correct information with regard to which companies to form institutional relationships.” said Mr Hertzberg today at the FinanceFeeds IB Symposium.

“Impartial consultancy is vital, and today, three very well renowned firms are here to present their services to you” he explained.

Mr Hertzberg welcomed the seventy Chinese executives by explaining that an institutional market with choice is a good environment in which to do business.

Following Mr Hertzberg was Vincent Pang, Business Development Manager at Divisa Capital, who detailed the company’s prime of prime service, its hosting and how it integrates with Chinese infrastructure.

Mr Pang explained the full topography that is vital to consider when forging Tier 1 liquidity relationships and providing them to Chinese IBs which are then able to transition the method by which they handle their own order flow.

Expanding on this was Sophie Squillacioti, Managing Director, APAC at Alpha Capital, who has been in Shanghai for over 12 years. Ms Squillacioti outlined Alpha Capital’s local presence, and how a B2B relationship with a British company that has a longstanding Shanghai operation is of great importance, along with full details of Alpha Capital’s recent acquisition by publicly listed gaming software firm Playtech, which will now position Alpha Capital as a mainstay within Playtech’s financial markets operations.

Eloquent and concise Steve Shi of Pepperstone concluded the speaking panels, and garnered substantial engagement from the delegates.

Mr Shi was accompanied by five colleagues from Pepperstone’s Shanghai office, the firm having a large presence in the mainland, and in congruence with the Chinese IB predilection for Australian and British commercial partners, elaborated on Pepperstone’s vast presence in China and recent acquisition of an FCA license which marks the beginning of its London based operations.

Deals were signed and the symposium bore tremendous fruit. It is clear that this exclusive method is the way to to business, and with FinanceFeeds’ clear understanding of the Chinese market, we will assist in ensuring that only the relevant firms attend in order to maximize results.

Here is a full montage of today’s symposium



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