Under 30: The industry’s future leaders. Meet Preethi Chidambaram

Under 30: The industry’s future leaders. Meet Preethi Chidambaram

Under 30 and moving up the ranks. We talk to Preethi Chidambaram, Solutions Developer at Integral Development Corporation to find out how she got into the industry and what she does daily.

In an industry so well established with roots in all four corners of the globe we took time to discuss what the industry will look like in 10 to 20 years from now.

Whilst we all share different views on where the industry will end up or what it will morph into, the fact is that we forget the many good folk working in the industry. Especially the younger generation that started at the bottom and worked their way up essentially dedicating their careers to fintech, trading and finance.

As is a FinanceFeeds tradition, we decided to celebrate these hard working individuals that have and very well may become the future industry leaders as they move up the ranks. So without further ado, meet the industry’s future leaders (all under the age of 30).

What is your role at Integral Development Corporation?

I am an Engineer primarily, but wear multiple hats at Integral. I help build and optimize our products and internal tools. I also work very closely with the Client Solutions team which involves interacting with customers on a day to day basis and maintaining customer relationships.

How many years have you been at Integral Development Corporation?

A little over 3 years – I joined Integral in April 2013. Three years of non-stop learning and working with amazing people.

What attracted you to to join the institutional FX industry?

I moved to NYC right after I graduated from University of Waterloo, Canada in 2012. My first job in the industry was at Integral. My strong passion for technology and finance made me steer towards the Fintech industry.

Fortunately, it has been the best decision I have made so far. Working in such a vibrant industry has given me the opportunity to learn something new every day. You do what you are passionate about and do things quickly with minimal supervision. You have the opportunity to take ownership of your role by getting involved in all aspects of the business and see ideas transform from the inception, to become product and distribution.

Do you have any specific tips for others looking at getting into the industry?

Fintech has exploded over the last 5 years. Working in such a dynamic and fast-paced industry comes at a cost. Work is hard working and the pressure is high. You need to be passionate – got to love what you do. Be hungry for knowledge, challenge and opportunities. Always go above and beyond. Don’t settle for 100%, aim for 150%.

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