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Solace, a leading provider of financial data movement, has announced that the fintech firm, Cobalt, is using its PubSub+ platform for its own platform which is used to deliver services and streaming to its clients.

While institutional demand for digital assets has become a reality within the trading industry, the future of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is still unknown as a wide number of top officials still regard Bitcoin et al as having no intrinsic value.

The platform features personalized dashboards, advanced analytics, and on-demand reporting capabilities that help general partner clients transform data into actionable insights, address complex limited partner demands, and competitively position their firms to understand what drives fund performance.

“Russell, Mark and I have a shared goal of providing best in class infrastructure for OTC markets, where there is a significant change in the FX market in particular, in part driven by the increased adoption and usage of Digital Assets such as Bitcoin”, said Alexis Atkinson, Co-Founder at 4OTC.

A 30 year career at senior director level at Citi, Deutsche Bank and Traiana has set Andrew Coyne’s new Cobalt DL venture as the first blockchain entry into post-trade settlement. Mr Coyne looks at how it will provide a uniform platform and reduce cost, and how his vast expertise is relevant. Citi, the world’s largest FX dealer, has signed to use the system’s beta, so this is the first serious blockchain application in eFX