Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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FactSet adds Digital Vega’s FX Options to execution management system

Digital Vega's FX Options trading solution has been integrated with FactSet’s FX execution management system, Portware.

Nabatech Selects Polkadot’s Substrate Blockchain for Central Bank Digital Asset Platform

Nabatech selects Polkadot’s Substrate for its digital asset platform, targeting central banks with features for CBDCs and digital bonds.

NiceHash Introduces Custom Firmware for Bitcoin ASIC Miners with Marathon Digital Holdings

Discover the latest innovation for Bitcoin ASIC miners with NiceHash's new custom firmware, powered by Marathon Digital Holdings. Enhance your mining efficiency and profitability today!

6 Upcoming ICO For 2024: Digital Assets With High Prospects

Crypto industry is climbing up the charts and is at its peak. Financial experts believe this bubble might pop at any time and lead to a bearish candle. When this will occur is a debatable question. However, the current bullish run can reap 10-20x benefits for investors. All you need to do is find a good ICO project and add the upcoming coins to your portfolio.

What is XRP? Understanding Ripple’s Digital Asset

Ripple, a digital asset that is created by Ripple Labs is used to improve the efficiency of cross border payments. While other cryptos are developed as a new system, XRP is designed to complement conventional financial institutions, increasing their efficiency and reducing the cost of operations. To grasp XRP characteristics and its function in the financial system, investors and financial specialists must comprehend certain aspects.

Unveiling Satoshi Nakamoto: The creation of the world’s first digital currency – Bitcoin.

he identity of the creator of the world’s most popular digital currency, Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, is still unknown to this date. Albeit, Bitcoin has revolutionised the financial systems of the world and is still growing stronger, its creator, Nakamoto, is still anonymous. This paper aims at analyzing Nakamoto’s contributions and the continuous debate as to who this person is.

IEX appoints ex-Cboe Digital president John Palmer

"IEX is renowned for its innovation and unique approach to addressing customer challenges. I am excited to join the team and help drive IEX's growth strategies forward."

Bybit taps Copper to reduce digital asset settlement cycle to 2 hours

Dubai-based cryptocurrency exchange Bybit is joining forces with Copper, the digital asset custody firm chaired by former U.K. Chancellor Philip Hammond. 

What is XRP? Understanding Ripple’s Digital Currency

XRP which is developed by Ripple Labs is an electronic currency that is designed to enable efficient and cheap cross border payments. Due to its efficient consensus algorithm and cooperation with the leading financial institutions, XRP is an essential component of the global financial system that contributes to the process of facilitating transactions and decreasing their costs.

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