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“Investors can feel strongly about not investing in tobacco production, manufacturing and sales, and where tobacco-exclusion investments are promoted, the entity making those claims must be able to substantiate the full exclusion of those investments”.

The software underlying the Refinitiv MarketPsych ESG Analytics is an AI-based engine that locates content pertaining to specific companies as well as cities, regions, and countries while excluding corporate press releases, corporate websites, and regulatory filings. In sum, it minimizes the impact of corporate “greenwashing.”

“Looking ahead, our Corporate Plan flags our near-and-medium-term priorities to focus on areas of increasing risk of consumer harm, including greenwashing claims and crypto investment scams. It also sets out our sharpened focus on the superannuation industry and our international work supporting consistency in standards of climate change and sustainability reporting by corporations.”

Most consumers, however, don’t trust ESG investment products. Still, an overwhelming majority of people expect sustainable financial services to become the norm (93%), and almost half expect this to be the case by 2025. 

Sustainable finance has become one of the leading topics in today’s trading industry. Green tech accelerator programs are flourishing as market participants must take action to address social, environmental, and governance issues which have increasingly become deal breakers for investors and targets for regulators.