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“We are excited that our institutional product is now being deployed and utilized by new client segments with evolving needs. To facilitate further growth, we have validated this space and our role in it, and can now focus oneZero’s 170+ global staff as one unified team across multiple distinct client segments.”

“”In response to the increasing demand from institutional investors worldwide, Bitget is dedicated to enhancing accessibility to cryptocurrencies through fiat channels. While the EURO fiat gateway specifically addresses the needs of institutional investors in Europe. By recognizing the diverse and global nature of the crypto landscape, Bitget aims to cater to the requirements of institutional investors from different regions and markets.”

“It’s my pleasure to welcome Chris Xu as the newest member of the Finalto Australia team. His extensive experience and unwavering commitment to clients align perfectly with Finalto’s values and vision. He will be instrumental in advancing our mission to deliver exceptional financial solutions across the region.”

Nomura’s digital assets subsidiary Laser Digital has launched its Bitcoin Adoption Fund, designed to provide institutional investors with a streamlined entry into the digital asset space. The new fund is part of Laser Digital Funds SPC, a Segregated Portfolio Company, which is registered as a mutual fund.

“True on-chain trading will fundamentally reshape the world of traditional finance as we know it. Helix Institutional sets the stage for sophisticated parties to enter DeFi in a permissioned manner that was previously not possible. In turn, both on-chain capital inflows and usage can begin to rise in unison.”