Tuesday, June 25, 2024
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Nasdaq’s clearing platform joins FIA Tech’s network

It is a particular challenge for the data-heavy exchange-traded derivatives market during periods of high volumes and volatility, which has historically lacked a standardized approach to addressing reconciliation issues or provision of timely data to end clients.

Tech Stocks Surge as Nasdaq 100 Hits New Record High

The Nasdaq 100 index, heavily weighted with tech stocks and referred to on FXOpen’s TickTrader platform as US Tech 100 mini, achieved a new record on Monday, closing at 18,684.2 as per FXOpen pricing.

Nasdaq adds Gen AI to market surveillance: 33% faster

The new AI feature can produce a consolidated table of the company’s regulatory filings, summaries, and links to company, sector, and peer company news, news sentiment analysis, and other mitigating or aggravating factors that may impact any given security.

Moomoo celebrates Financial Literacy Month at Nasdaq

"Aligning this event with Financial Literacy Month underscores our joint commitment to promoting financial education and empowering investors. Moomoo's success could not have been achieved without the support and trust of our business partners and collaborators."

Nasdaq fines IBKR $475,000 for corporate actions failures

IBKR has engaged in remedial measures to compensate customers who were directly harmed by the late processing of corporate actions. ​

Nasdaq Futures Investing: Navigating the Tech-Driven Market

Nasdaq futures investing offers a strategic approach for those looking to tap into the tech-heavy index’s potential, providing insight into market trends before the market opens.

Moomoo brings Nasdaq’s full order book depth to retail users

Nasdaq TotalView is a standard data feed that displays the full order book depth on Nasdaq, which means every single quote and order at every price level in Nasdaq-, NYSE-, NYSE American- and regional-listed securities trading on Nasdaq, including 60-level bid and ask quotes with more than 20x liquidity of level 2.

NASDAQ Benefits from Trump’s Social Media SPAC Listing, But Is It Sustainable?

Amidst the ebb and flow of the stock market, one trend resurfaces the return of SPACs, or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies, to the NASDAQ exchange, signalling a shift in investor sentiment and a rekindling of interest in tech stocks.

GTC Group Partners with Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: BHAT) to Revolutionize Financial Trading

GTC Group, a leading global financial services provider, has proudly announced its strategic partnership with Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology Ltd. (NASDAQ: BHAT), a renowned player in the entertainment technology sector.

Nasdaq-100 index Technical Analysis Report 12 March, 2024

Nasdaq-100 index can be expected to rise further toward the next resistance level 18350.00, which stopped the price twice from the end of February.

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