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CySEC-regulated broker SquaredFinancial has parted ways with its CEO Husam Al Kurdi, ending a three-year tenure to focus on his own new venture. SquaredFinancial Founder and CEO, Philippe Ghanem, Ghanem is recently back in charge of the business and is fully committed to leading the company that he founded, to ensure SquaredFinancial thrives and reaches its full potential with ambitious talents.

During his time at, he was also CFO at, a regulated tokenized securities exchange. While as CFO at SquaredFinancial, Mr. Flangofas will remain Non-Executive Director at HYCM, acting as Chairman of the risk management committee.

We have pushed to create a global market gateway giving all traders the same opportunity as institutional investors.  So, following the high-profile activities of ‘Reddit’ traders, we don’t want to be in a position where we restrict access for anyone – this would go against everything we have been trying to achieve, says CEO Husam Al Kirdi