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ABN AMRO launches Prospery in Germany, combining robo-advisory with personal coaching

Prospery offers a digital platform in combination with personal coaching, allowing customers to ask human experts for assistance.

As the latest technological solutions continue to conquer new areas in the financial services industry, companies are often faced with the difficult choice between corresponding to the need to adopt the latest automated solutions or stick to a more traditional “human” way of handling consumer-facing operations. ABN AMRO Group NV (AMS:ABN) offers an interesting way of solving this problem by combining the two alternatives.

Earlier this week, the company announced the launch of its asset management platform Prospery in Germany. This is a new fully online wealth manager offering digital asset management combined with personal coaching by certified experts.

The platform provides clients with a comprehensive view of their current and potential assets, actively manages their investments and offers remote personal coaching at a fixed fee.

Dirk-Jan Schuiten, CEO of Prospery: “Many fintechs offer asset management services that are exclusively digital. Surveys show, however, that clients also want to talk to an expert. Prospery responds to this need by offering a digital platform in combination with personal coaching by chat or video call.”

Prospery consists of Prospery View, Prospery Coach and Prospery Invest. Prospery View is a free service that provides clients with an online overview of their total assets, including accounts held with banks other than ABN AMRO. Clients can connect their bank accounts, so that their data are automatically uploaded and updated. In addition, Prospery View offers clients an insight into the development of their future assets based on tried and tested forecasting models.

Prospery Invest, on the other hand, manages clients’ investments actively and fully digitally based on their individual risk profile, whereas Prospery Coach offers clients personal coaching by experienced and certified financial planners whenever and wherever they want, by chat or video call.

Robo-advisory is a growing trend now. A recent example was provided by Shizuoka Bank Group, which has agreed on a plan to introduce a robo-advisory service in partnership with Monex-Saison-Vanguard Investment Partners, Inc., a subsidiary of Monex Group, Inc. (TYO:8698). The launch is scheduled for April 2018.

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