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Affiliates look this way! B2Binary CEO Rachel Sartini talks to FinanceFeeds on maximum impact

One of the most poignant and critical matters which remains high on the agenda for so many executives in the…

One of the most poignant and critical matters which remains high on the agenda for so many executives in the retail FX and binary options sector of this very fickle business is the subject of customer acquisition and retention cost.

With the cost standing between $800 to $1,000 per new client for any retail enterprise in the online electronic trading business, should a customer deposit $3,000 as an initial investment, this could effectively be written down as a loss, and if significant and effective means of retention are not undertaken, it could be rendered not viable.

As a result, a number of seasoned industry professionals have established niche businesses to assist retail FX and binary options firms in achieving the maximum from their clients, a subject which FinanceFeeds has extensively investigated globally.

Today, Andrew Saks-McLeod spoke to Rachel Sartini, CEO and Founder of B2Binary, a boutique consultancy to the binary options industry.

As unorthodox as commercial websites can be, B2Binary‘s homepage is adorned with high resolution images congruent with this year’s trend for dynamic and modern initial encounters, depicting not only an elegant lady with a tattoo of classical music on her ankle, but other such abstract matters as an upscale hair stylist’s salon.

The homepage also exhibits B2Binary’s blog, “From the mouths of babes,” putting a twist on the traditional content about industry news and updates.

Ms. Sartini clearly understands the means by which to catch the eye of the corporate marketing executive, by taking her product as far away from the grey suited image of yesteryear and has embodied a sense of modernity and ingenuity.

“As you know, I started in the online financial services industry 6 years ago as part of the sales team for a binary options broker” Ms. Sartini explained to FinanceFeeds.

Indeed, Ms. Sartini had made a considerable impact in the marketing efforts of technology-led binary options platform provider Tradesmarter, for whom she directed operations and commerical partnerships.

“Most of my time in the B2C side was spent on affiliate management and operations and management positions until the company shifted focus to B2B. From that point on I was the Project Manager and head of Account Management for all white label clients. This experience gave me great perspective and an in-depth understanding from all sides of an operation and the industry in general. This wide range of experience is a major part of the reason I started B2Binary” explained Ms. Sartini.

In terms of how companies within this highly competitive sector can improve their effectiveness, Ms. Sartini stated “There are so many commonly made but avoidable mistakes that new brokers make before even launching. With many aspects to consider and plan, having the right information and resources is key to a smooth and successful launch. My goal for B2Binary is to provide online operators with an unbiased perspective and the right information to make educated business decisions and avoid these mistakes from the beginning.”

“Not only does B2Binary guide brokers through the steps to building a brokerage, but we also offer existing brokers customized services to target specific business requirements. Online financial trading and gaming has seen such immense growth with a continuance of new brokers and operators hitting the market. It has become a competitive and saturated industry, making it more and more challenging to differentiate yourself as a broker. Many of our clients are existing brokers who require additional services and solutions to give their brand the unique edge it needs.”

“B2Binary is well connected with the industry’s leading service providers ranging from legal services, platform and technology providers, payment processing and banking solutions, unique marketing channels, sales and operations and more. We aim to connect our clients with the most suitable and reliable solutions in the market for their operational needs. B2Binary also offers boutique services which are tailored for a brokers’ specific needs based on analysis of their current operation” concluded Ms. Sartini.

There are many steps that need to be taken when building and running an FX or binary options brokerage.

In today’s market it is easy for brokers to be mislead and experience issues such as working with unreliable service providers, spending a lot of money on unchecked lead sources and used databases, locked bank accounts and more.

Therefore, it is highly important for brokers to lean on someone with an unbiased opinion that they can trust. Rachel Sartini recognized this demand in the industry and introduced B2Binary as the solution.

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