Apifiny’s crypto trading network adds Instant Transfers for best bid and offer

Rick Steves

Instant transfers significantly enhance Apifiny Connect, allowing traders to more efficiently buy and sell on 25 connected markets across six continents.

Apifiny has launched instant transfers between select premier exchanges on its network including Apifiny HEX, the company’s new class of hybrid exchange.

Apifiny’s Instant Transfers aims to ensure the best bid and offer price similar to how NBBO (National Best Bid & Offer) provides for traditional stocks.

These are available for institutional and retail traders looking to exploit more arbitrage opportunities and improve capital utilization by cutting cross-exchange transfer times.

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The feature allows traders to transfer funds in seconds to purchase on one exchange, including Apifiny HEX, and sell on another. The functionality can be activated without requiring exchanges to do any significant development work.

The global digital asset trading network claims to be the only one offering both instant transfers and institutional traders direct access to the order books of 25 centralized exchanges with lower cost than trading directly on those exchanges.

Haohan Xu, chief executive officer of Apifiny, said: “We’re growing rapidly and executing swiftly on our vision to create one global market of digital assets. We now provide institutional traders access to the majority of the world’s total crypto trading volume through our connected exchanges. Instant transfers are another significant milestone toward creating one, highly efficient global market for digital assets.”

ApifinyTM Connect is behind the firm’s global price discovery and execution. With one account, ApifinyTM Connect enables institutions to execute global, multi-exchange strategies, at a lower cost than trading directly on individual exchanges, the firm claims.

Instant transfers significantly enhance Apifiny Connect, allowing traders to more efficiently buy and sell on 25 connected markets across six continents.

The service utilizes Apifiny’s own assets, without requiring a third-party pool capital, to enable traders to move their assets between exchanges more swiftly than through on-chain transactions.

Apifiny is a network that connects institutional and retail digital asset traders with 25 exchange partners to help execute global trading strategies at the best global prices.

The platform is connected to Crypto.com, Huobi Global, OKEx, Kucoin, AscendEX, OKCoin, and Blockchain.com’s Exchange, among others.

The network was launched earlier this year. The platform’s REST/Websocket API gives professional traders, OTC desks, brokers, and market makers faster access to trade and easier reallocation of assets across a wide array of global exchanges using one set of APIs.

Apifiny has recently made the headlines for hiring ex-Goldman Sachs Jason Jiang as chief technology officer as the global digital asset trading and mining network prepared for its public offering.

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