Australia is an FX industry benchmark: FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup hosts the absolute top level senior FX executives

From publicly listed electronic trading giants to the major interbank dealers, and from board level executives from the world’s prime of prime brokerages along with institutional technology leaders, the FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup brought together the very leaders which preside over the most important components of the global business. Here is a full insight into the gathering of the elite in one of the most important regions for this industry in the world

On Thursday last week, for the second time in the OTC derivatives industry’s now three decade long history, over seventy senior executives from global companies attended a dedicated business to business networking event in what has become a bastion of high quality from retail brokerages, through to prime of prime and technology – Australia.

The thirteenth exclusive networking event in the FinanceFeeds Cup series, and the very first to be held in Sydney, Australia, was hosted by FinanceFeeds CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod at the prestigious Establishment in Sydney’s Central Business District.

Attending the event is one aspect of importance, as such a platform for the high quality firms that are very well established in Sydney and form the very well organized electronic financial markets sector in Australia, however the combination of Australia’s position as a very highly respected business center between the all-important Asia Pacific region and the West stands it out as the most important retail FX center in the world.

Sponsored by publicly-listed British multinational electronic trading giant CMC Markets, the FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup provided a sophisticated platform for the very upper echelons of every sector of the electronic trading business to conduct critical conversations and move the industry forward.

Attending the event is one aspect of importance, as such a platform for the high quality firms that are very well established in Sydney and form the very well organized electronic financial markets sector in Australia, however the combination of Australia’s position as a very highly respected business center between the all-important Asia Pacific region and the West stands it out as the most important retail FX center in the world.

This has been amplified by the renowned exemplary business environment that makes Australia such an attractive base for modern electronic trading firms, the astute and equally electronic all-seeing-eye of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the globally recognized vast brokerages that operate in Australia and their top drawer reputation among strategic partners, institutions and direct retail customers across the western and eastern hemispheres.

Represented were senior executives from CMC Markets, Invast Global, Saxo Bank, oneZero, TRAction FinTech, Blackrock, ISPrime, Thomson Reuters, CQG, IG Group, GAIN Capital, IFM, Charterprime, along with some of the ancillary service providers that have a majority market share in Australia and the APAC region including licensing consultancies and boutique financial technology service providers.

In keeping with FinanceFeeds’ ideology of linking the very senior level executives with each other and ensuring that absolutely relevant business can be conducted in a charismatic and corporate community style environment, the Sydney Cup event was preceded by a highly informative and entertaining keynote speech delivered by CMC Markets Market Analyst Michael McCarthy, a regular contributor to several television channels across Australia.

Mr. McCarthy elaborated on some of the ‘Worst Forex Clients Ever’ in his Industry Service Announcement, looking back through the annuls of time at those interbank traders who have held senior executive positions within some of the world’s most notable financial institutions, and how their catastrophic trading decisions had created multi-million dollar losses for their employers! It was not only highly educational, but also raised more than a smile among the audience, appealing to their professional interest as well as sophisticated sense of humor.

Following Mr McCarthy’s amusing and informative anecdotes was Andrew Wood, CMC Markets’ Head of Business Development for CMC Markets Institutional division for the Australia and New Zealand regions.

Mr Wood, a very well respected instutitional FX industry figure globally, is very well connected in Australia, and was welcomed by seventy senior executives as he explained the ethos behind the evening’s business networking opportunities, and in order to elevate the experience further, introduced the CMC Markets Liquidity Provider specialty cocktail, which was available in the company’s corporate blue and was very popular indeed.

Sydney is a very important region for the FX industry. It is the high quality bridge between the APAC region and the West, and embodies some of the most well organized and knowledgeable companies in the world.

FinanceFeeds will see you all again on November 2, 2017 for the next Sydney Cup FX Industry Networking Event at The Establishment.

Meanwhile, here is a full montage of Thursday evening’s event. See you all again in November!

Sudhanshu Agarwal (Tickmill), Russell Sandiford (easyMarkets)
The Establishment, one of Australia’s most renowned financial industry focal points, awaits 70 senior executives
FinanceFeeds second Sydney Cup is the thirteenth in the Cup Series. Leaders in brand positioning as well as manufacturers of their own proprietary trading platform gather as the evening commences
Steven Tramoli (Strong Partners) with Tony Kwok (CMC Markets)
Steven Tramoli (Strong Partners)
JB Markets executive Julian Allen discusses the key factors of moving the retail FX industry ahead in Australia
Dean Kay (oneZero), Sam Tjioe (oneZero), Chay Flack (FP Markets)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Richard Perona (Advanced Markets & Fortex)
In Australia. networking opportunities are vital – and discussion between existing and potential commercial partners extremely interesting
The “CMC Markets Liquidity Provider” cocktail in CMC Markets corporate blue
James Alexander (Invast Global), Andrew Wood (CMC Markets)
CMC Markets institutional FX expert Andrew Wood explained why market depth takes on a fresh significance for MT5 brokers
Invast Global’s Nick Briscoe joins the discussion as institutional FX is very much a highly respected facet of Australian electronic trading business
Sudhanshu Agarwal (Tickmill), David Vanstone (Invast Global) and Karman Wong (IG Group) listen keenly to CMC Markets’ Michael McCarthy’s anecdotal keynote
Ashley Jessen (Profile Booster) takes a close look at how Australia’s top quality firms can maximize their optics and brand presence globally
Worst FX clients ever? Here is Michael McCarthy’s list!
Largest interbank losses in history. Among them, surprisingly, is one example from Switzerland
Just as it says on the tin!
Victoria Dryden (Sophie Grace), Sarah Murray (Sophie Grace), Sudhanshu Agarwal (Tickmill), David Vanstone (Invast Global)
IG Group’s Karman Wong with Sarah Murray of Australian FX industry law and consultancy firm Sophie Grace
Michael Firth (FP Markets), Tony Rose (LNP Audit and Assurance)
Richard Perona (Advanced Markets & Fortex) with Anthony Murrell (CMC Markets)
PsyQuation CEO Michael Berman holds court on how his innovative approach is vital to the FX industry’s advancement
Michael McCarthy (CMC Markets) with Nick Briscoe (Invast Global)
Anthony Murrell (CMC Markets with Andrew Wood (CMC Markets)
Matthew Press (ISPrime) with Tony Rose (LNP Audit and Assurance)
Tory Stevens (Forex FS), Rory Kennedy (Forex FS)
Ashley Jessen (Profile Booster), Eva Diaz (Profile Booster)
Daniel Byrne (easyMarkets), Jason Holdsworth (HLK Group), Michael McCarthy (CMC Markets)
CMC Markets Institutional division goes global, as high quality peers discuss the non-bank prime of prime sector
Networking and charisma! Sudhanshu Agarwal (Tickmill)
Jackson Toal (Charterprime) with Martin Kloosterman (TRAction Fintech)
Trade reporting and regulatory technology on the agenda, as TRAction Fintech executives engage with leaders of FX brokerages
Sign of approval from Advanced Markets’ Richard Perona as he speaks to CMC Markets executives Andrew Wood and Anthony Murrell
See you all again in November at The Establishment!

Andrew Wood (CMC Markets), Karman Wong (IG Group)
Andrew Wood (CMC Markets), Julian Allen (JB Markets)



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