FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup hosts the absolute top level senior FX executives

Australia: The place to do business! FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup hosts the absolute top level senior FX executives

Vital business deals were conducted at this evening’s FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup FX industry networking event. Several key figures from the world’s top brokerages engaged with FX industry technology vendors and service providers, with new innovations being very much on the agenda

This evening, for the first time in the OTC derivatives industry’s now three decade long history, over fifty senior executives from global companies attended a dedicated business to business networking event in what has become a bastion of high quality from retail brokerages, through to prime of prime and technology – Australia.

The eleventh exclusive networking event in the FinanceFeeds Cup series, and the very first to be held in Sydney, Australia, was hosted by FinanceFeeds CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod at the prestigious Establishment in Sydney’s Central Business District.

Attending the event is one aspect of importance, as such a platform for the high quality firms that are very well established in Sydney and form the very well organized electronic financial markets sector in Australia, however the combination of Australia’s position as a very highly respected business center between the all-important Asia Pacific region and the West stands it out as the most important retail FX center in the world.

This has been amplified by the renowned exemplary business environment that makes Australia such an attractive base for modern electronic trading firms, the astute and equally electronic all-seeing-eye of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the globally recognized vast brokerages that operate in Australia and their top drawer reputation among strategic partners, institutions and direct retail customers across the western and eastern hemispheres.

Sponsored by ASIC-regulated Direct FX, whose multi-product MetaTrader 4 trading solution which was developed in conjunction with CQG in order to provide traders with access to OTC markets and listed derivatives via one MetaTrader platform with very low exchange membership and clearing fees, a keynote speech by Director of Business Development Tim Brankin was delivered to an audience which was represented by the FX industry’s finest global companies.

Represented were senior executives from CMC Markets, Invast Global, Saxo Bank, oneZero, TRAction FinTech, Blackrock,  ISPrime, Thomson Reuters, CQG, IC Markets, BMFN, CurrentDesk, AxiTrader, MEX Exchange, and a series of ancillary service providers including licensing consultancies and boutique financial technology service providers.

In Australia, conducting business between the various components of the FX industry is facilitated via relationships, and so successful was this event that new innovations were discussed between technology vendors, brokers and service providers, including the commencement of development of new methodologies that will drive the business forward, hence value for brokers and service providers at the Sydney Cup having been the absolute highest ever since the FinanceFeeds Cup series began.

FinanceFeeds remains highly committed to assisting the top level companies in this industry in their ability to conduct valuable business with each other, and Sydney’s finest is one of the best regions in the world for global firms to operate in this exciting sector.

Here is a comprehensive montage of this evening’s event:

Senior FX industry execs begin to arrive at The Establishment, Sydney

John W Webb (DK Risk Solutions UK Ltd), Tim Brankin (Direct FX)

Martin Kloosterman (TRAction FinTech), Sarah Murphy (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd), Daniel Byrne (Gallop Financial), Melody Gao (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd)

Andrew Ralich (oneZero Financial Systems), Joe O’Mara (Direct FX), John Martin (Direct FX)

Direct FX Director of Business Development Tim Brankin addresses a global and Australian elite

Geoff Last (Invast Global), Sarah Murphy (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd), Sophie Gerber (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd), Melody Gao (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd), Andrew Wood (CMC Markets), Wendy Tao (Invast Global),

Shay Zakhaim (USG), John Martin (Direct FX), Mike Glista (CQG)

Nick Briscoe (Invast Global), Andrew Ralich (oneZero Financial Systems)

Sophie Gerber (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd), Sarah Murphy (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd)

David Vanstone (Invast Global), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Tim Brankin (Direct FX)

John W Webb (DK Risk Solutions UK Ltd), Dean Kay (oneZero)

Over 50 senior executives across the technology, institutional and retail sector met at the FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup, to forge new business and drive the industry forward

Lochlan White (Invast Global), David Vanstone (Invast Global), Tim Brankin (Direct FX)

Sarah Murray (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd), Melody Gao (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd)

Andrew Wood (CMC Markets), Wendy Tao (Invast Global), Sophie Gerber (Sophie Grace Pty Ltd)

Matthew Press (ISPrime), Travis Dahm (CurrentDesk)

Multi-product MetaTrader 4 trading solutions with exchange and OTC connectivity, and Australia’s top level environment for a diversified electronic trading business were on the agenda

Jim Nuzum (AxiCorp), Caine Hemsworth (Shirken Consulting)

John Martin (Direct FX), Joe O’Mara (Direct FX), Travis Dahm (CurrentDesk), Andrew Ralich (oneZero Financial Systems)

Tim Brankin (Direct FX), Travis Dahm (CurrentDesk), Jacob Nel (MEX Exchange)

Joe O’Mara (Direct FX), Shay Zakhaim (USG), Tim Brankin (Direct FX)

Joe O’Mara (Direct FX), John Martin (Direct FX)

The Establishment awaits the FX industry establishment

Modern luxury and exclusive surroundings host Australia’s up-to-the-minute FX leaders

Sydney exudes class and has a leading commercial and ethical business environment



See you all soon in Sydney

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