Andrew Saks-McLeod

Andrew Saks-McLeod

With 25 years of experience in the financial technology sector, Andrew is a prominent international figure within the FX industry. His detailed research in editorial and televised form is often the central point of information for executives within all sectors of the global FX business. Find Andrew on LinkedIn or email

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A fool and his money are soon parted: George Popescu and the $14 million ICO that lost investors $7 million

“I found it pretty wild that Mr Popescu is an advisor for other companies about to launch an ICO. He just did one last for a company called AirFox and investors have already lost $11 million in less than a month” a commercial lawyer in London told FinanceFeeds. ICOs are exactly as we have maintained since their launch – a platform for serial fraud and substantial loss with no recourse.

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Exclusive: Want to take your brokerage into China? This is the ready-made solution for exactly that purpose

Chinese brokerages and IBs will need a full, China-focused system as the entire topography becomes more and more important to the global FX industry. By integrating a Chinese-focused broker solutions firm with a fully customizable retail trading platform, the route to China for western firms, and the route to the west for Chinese firms just got much easier

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Chicago institutional electronic trading senior executive Natasha Solis appointed Managing Director of Global Sales at Matrix Execution Technologies

Natasha Solis, one of Chicago’s very well connected senior executives in the derivatives technology sector, has been appointed Managing Director at Matrix Execution Technologies, responsible for global sales, in another example of the aspirations of Chicago’s refined listed venue providers to gain a worldwide audience across all sectors

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Exclusive from Australia: Gold-i CEO Tom Higgins says cryptocurrency is a natural progression and gives a comprehensive view of the future

Gold-i CEO Tom Higgins, a senior financial technologist with vast experience across London’s exchanges and in retail FX liquidity management R&D, looks back over 6000 years in the history of money and financial transactions, deducing that cryptocurrency bears resemblance to ancient methods of payment, and that it is a natural progression rather than anything revolutionary, which is why, when used in correct context, it must be taken seriously

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Australia is an FX industry benchmark: FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup hosts the absolute top level senior FX executives

From publicly listed electronic trading giants to the major interbank dealers, and from board level executives from the world’s prime of prime brokerages along with institutional technology leaders, the FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup brought together the very leaders which preside over the most important components of the global business. Here is a full insight into the gathering of the elite in one of the most important regions for this industry in the world

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FinanceFeeds speaks to CMC Markets on how famous industry leaders empower retail customers

Today, FinanceFeeds speaks to Michael McCarthy,  Chief Market Strategist at CMC Markets in Sydney, Australia to go into detail with regard to the company’s newly inaugurated podcast series, which features some of the world’s most prominent institutional traders, and is intended to empower retail traders in Australia and across the Asia Pacific region.