Andrew Saks-McLeod

Andrew Saks-McLeod

With 25 years of experience in the financial technology sector, Andrew is a prominent international figure within the FX industry. His detailed research in editorial and televised form is often the central point of information for executives within all sectors of the global FX business. Find Andrew on LinkedIn or email

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South Africa is open for business. As Cyril Ramaphosa steps up, the nation’s longstanding FX prowess can now be unleashed

South Africa’s fine and astute FX market is no longer hampered by capital controls and socialist politics. Now is the time for brokerages to approach its first class Tier 1 banks, its massive and well connected IB network, and continue the path originally formed by pioneering FX brokerages as Cyril Ramaphosa lays down the business friendly future of the Rainbow Nation

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BNY Mellon spearheads South Korean FX prime brokerage emergence as international aspirations loom

BNY Mellon may not be among the very top FX prime brokerages in terms of global market share, however its recent foray into South Korea by opening a trading room in Seoul is symbolic of its APAC aspirations. The bank is clearly not just looking to provide Won liquidity to a local market, but instead is using South Korea as an APAC springboard for global FX order flow at Tier 1 level

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Cyprus government at odds with CySec: Whilst regulator protects small FX firms, hedge funds are the priority from Nicosia

Now is an opportune time for the island of Cyprus. Whilst CySec’s interest is to keep as many small FX firms in business and has encouraged binary options which has led to the spread of ICOs, the central government is looking toward moving the bucket shops out and moving the hedge funds and family offices in. Here is a great opportunity for the institutional FX sector

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Binary options sinks to new low: Web of crime extends past binary brands, uses name of deceased accountant

Barbara Kahan is listed as a director of over 25000 companies, all leading to a residential address in North Finchley, London, an area populous with Israeli expatriates. Many of these firms are concealing binary fraud, and other unrelated ruses likely traceable to the same type of crime gangs. Today, FinanceFeeds lifts the lid on how companies are still being registered to Ms Kahan, even though she passed away in August 2000.

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FinanceFeeds hosts Chicago’s finest: Multi-billion dollar listed derivatives leaders join us in the exchange capital of the world

Connecting your MetaTrader platform to genuine multi-asset product ranges is the means of sustaining a good quality future, and Chicago’s esteemed exchanges are very much interested in onboarding retail business. FinanceFeeds hosted some of the world’s most senior level listed derivatives executives at R29 on West Adams Street to discuss how to bring the retail FX industry toward multi-asset success

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“There is almost no business that takes place over the internet at the moment, and there never has been” – A detailed look at market connectivity

B book firms with no contact with customers and an automated model have more than stirred the attention of regulators with regard to how customers are onboarded automatically, as the correct asset class and trading environment for their risk attitude, as well as the ability to know the client and establish identity – a very important compliance requirement – is very ambiguous. We look at market connectivity and how it all works

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Beware! Aggressive Israeli affiliate marketing scammers now switching from binary options leads to ICO and crypto leads

We investigate the insidious shapeshifting of fraudulent affiliate marketers that are now aggressively targeting brokerages and website owners for crypto and ICO lead traffic that is effectively recycled binary options traffic, with revenues earned on losses of client deposits on schemes that never have any connection with genuine investment or financial markets.

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MetaTrader 4’s imminent discontinuation: The ambiguity and the fallout researched

“It is almost impossible at present for many brokerages to know whether they will have to completely start from scratch with new MetaTrader 5 platforms and a single server and if so, will this fit within the ideology of the brokerage in terms of product range and marketing. For example, some smaller brokers opt for MetaTrader 4 simply due to its EA compatibility so that they can onboard MAM accounts in Asia.”

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Canele Pie in the sky: Bruno Le Maire’s ludicrous idea that Paris could trump London as financial center

France’s finance minister thinks Paris will overtake London as a financial center. Where is the FX industry? Where is the hosting and connectivity? Where are the Tier 1 banks, large retail giants and infrastructure? Where is the finely honed talent and incredible modernity combined with world beating work ethic that has made London the absolute pinnacle of electronic trading for the entire world? Anyone hear tumbleweed?