B2Broker CEO Urges Social Platform Users to Beware of Scams

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In today’s times, along with the global penetration of the world wide web, we have seen a huge increase in the number of internet scams that we have all stumbled across at some point in our lives. There are many kinds of scams that can take place by way of phishing emails, social media and mobile phone SMS, incorporating tactics like credit card theft, obtaining user login details and probably the most common of all, internet theft.

This occurs whereby somebody tries to deceive you into imparting sensitive or private information with the purpose of extracting your money. Where there’s money to be made, you can be sure that there will always be scammers around, hence, the need for vigilance is of paramount importance.  

B2Broker, a leading participant in the Fintech industry, occasionally comes up against those involved in fraudulent activities in its dealings with the general public and its clients and has to deal with the consequences of such actions which are prolific in the industry. Bitcoin Ponzi schemes and fake investment opportunities are just two of many kinds of intricate scams that exist.

A good example that illustrates the extent to which scammers will go is a recent case where $2 million in cryptocurrency was lost to Twitter scammers impersonating Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk, with guaranteed massive returns. Even on a smaller scale, we are all too familiar with scammers who have approached our customers disguised as our company CEO. Of course, these people are outright fraudsters but they have a knack for being very convincing.

To use an example, CEO Arthur Azizov was recently made aware of a fake Facebook profile that someone had created with the intention of getting Facebook users to part with their money under the guise of Arthur selling B2Broker products and services. This was an outright scam and is, unfortunately, not the first time the company CEO has been at the centre of these kinds of schemes have also dealt with similar incidents on Instagram.

Fake Arthur Azizov Facebook Profile

Increasing Facebook Profile Fraud

Along with many other social platforms, Facebook is a very lucrative channel for B2B and B2C businesses. The massive growth in this area has led to a huge rise in the number and prevalence of fraudsters acting as imposters, almost always for monetary gain, as B2Broker has seen.

There are now over 2 billion Facebook users and approximately 270 million of them are fake or duplicated accounts. This shows how easy it is to steal another person’s identity. Scammers use these accounts to sell their fake services or to encourage people to click on ads causing a negative impact on companies, many of which have gone on to lose hefty proportions of their ad budgets.

Be Cautious of Fake Accounts

The rising number of internet scammers now in existence has prompted Arthur to issue a statement on the social platforms to warn members of the public, as well as his contacts and any customers/partners not to fall into the trap laid by scammers or to be cheated by anyone using his identity that isn’t really him…and not to part with any payment of any sort. Both B2Broker and Arthur himself never gives financial advice or uses his own Facebook or other social media pages for this purpose.

Arthur reminds everyone that B2Broker as a B2B business does not partake in any aspect of retail. He never seeks investments, nor gets involved in any trading or money management business. B2Broker deals strictly on the basis of business-only which should raise a red flag for anyone being approached by “Arthur Azizov” for sales purposes. It is important to remember that any offers of guaranteed income are 100% a scam and you should NEVER trust anyone approaching you via the internet asking for money or similar.

On a final point, we would like to remind everyone to be cautious at all times of what is likely to be a fake account or an online scam and to double-check all credentials prior to getting involved in any kind of transaction. Checks like searching again for the company name on all the social media channels like Facebook and Twitter, etc will help you confirm if it is a duplicate. Also, being on the lookout for obvious signs like poor photos, bad grammar, fake logos, etc (check above image) will help you confirm any suspicions.

If in any doubt, get in contact with us if you suspect an identity is compromised. You can also contact us at our company address ([email protected]) where you can be reassured that you’re in legitimate hands.

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