Friday, June 21, 2024
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B2Core’s Brand-New iOS v1.20 Upgrade Integrates cTrader And Polishes the UX

B2Core is an established name in the forex and crypto trading field, delivering CRM tools and trading options with unmatched quality and depth of functionality. The 1.20 iOS update announced by B2Core is finally here, and it promises to elevate the trading app to new heights. The most significant upgrade is undoubtedly the cTrader integration, enriching B2Core’s services and trading capabilities. 

Why Is the cTrader Integration Massive News For B2Core?

It is well known that cTrader has dominated the multi-asset CFD and FX solutions sector for a while now. This platform offers seamless user experience, advanced analytics tools and swift trade execution to provide one of the most polished trading services on the market.  

cTrader has made sure to employ invaluable trading services both for newcomers and experienced trading specialists. It offers a generous catalogue of trading tools like copy and algorithmic trading. Users enjoy real-time data feeds that aggregate and present the latest market information concisely with graphs and charts. Yet, the biggest strength of cTrader lies in its constant dedication to prioritising its customer needs and exceeding their expectations. 

How cTrader Elevates B2Core’s Trading Offerings

The cTrader upgrade introduces significant new features and quality upgrades to the B2Core application, making it even more feature-rich and accessible for traders. Here’s what you can expect: 

Accessible And Feature-Rich Trading Experience

The cTrader integration has brought the platform’s premier trading options to B2Core’s industry-defining CRM solutions, creating a new and potent mixture of trading services and seamless user experience. Moreover, B2Core now features one of the most advanced market depth analytics tools, allowing traders to stay up-to-date on the latest market trends and pricing variations. 

With the new and improved system, users can register, verify KYC, manage deposits and engage in trading activities using cTrader’s MT4 and MT5 versions. B2Core now includes all of the cTrader platform offerings, tools and functionalities, creating a single hub that answers every trading need of the customers. 

Live Profitability Feeds

Live profitability updates are among the most critical metrics for evaluating trading strategies. The v1.20 upgrade allows traders to check their profits in real time and modify their strategy without missing a beat. This way, traders will always have a firm understanding of how well their plans are panning out. 

Accessible Management Tools

B2Core has comprehensively overhauled its account management tools and options, simplifying the setup process to just a few clicks. Additionally, B2Core streamlined the viewing history and trading session scheduling to elevate the user experience further. 

More Trading Instruments

In addition to basic forex trading features, B2Core has introduced CFD instruments, giving their customers new options to diversify their portfolios. The newly added CFDs include commodities, indices and stocks, offering a deeper pool of potential trading strategies within the application. 

cTrader’s implementation is further elevated by B2Broker’s industry-best liquidity offerings. As one of the leading liquidity providers on the market, B2Broker provides over 1000 liquidity options, accommodating everything from initial setup to risk management tools and comprehensive customer support.

Other General Refinements and Upgrades

While the cTrader integration is a highlight of this update, several other overhauls and improvements will drastically improve B2Core’s app. 

Firstly, the “trading pairs” widget has been upgraded to allow seamless selection and execution for all traders. Moreover, B2Core now directly showcases limits on deposits and withdrawals to simplify this process for users. 

The MT4 UI has also been polished, streamlining calendar date interactions and setting the “FROM” date on the MT4/5 terminal. 

Customer support was also fine-tuned to become more efficient and accessible to customers. Now, users can monitor their ticket status and receive timely support without hassle. Finally, B2Core updated the QR deposit system, enhancing the address-type savings functionality. 

Closing Remarks

The v1.20 iOS upgrade, especially integration with cTrader, is a significant milestone for B2Core, opening a new chapter in streamlined digital trading. Users will discover numerous new options for trading, state-of-the-art analytics tools and a much smoother user interface overall.

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