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BlockDAG Ignites Crypto Supercycle with 1000% Surge Following Influencer Wave; XRP Breaks Out as AVAX Tumbles

As AVAX grapples with a price drop that has stirred uncertainty among investors, and Ripple anticipates a potential breakout for XRP, the crypto community is increasingly turning their eyes towards BlockDAG. This top-tier Layer 1 blockchain platform has recently experienced a meteoric 1000% increase in price following a wave of endorsements from renowned crypto influencers.

Currently trading at $0.011 per coin, influencers and crypto pundits are forecasting that BlockDAG could reach as high as $10 by 2025. BlockDAG’s ambitious roadmap, which unfolds in three strategic phases, further cements its potential for a 30,000x ROI.

XRP Poised for Breakout Amid Legal Tensions

Investor optimism remains high for XRP as Ripple awaits the verdict of its long-standing SEC lawsuit. Despite legal hurdles, market sentiment around XRP is cautiously hopeful, supported by its current trading price of $0.51.

Technical analysis suggests XRP is poised to break out from its falling wedge pattern, potentially triggering a significant rally. However, the outcome of the lawsuit is still up in the air, with Ripple facing either continued legal woes or a pathway to recovery.

Is the AVAX Price Crash a Hidden Opportunity?

The crypto community is abuzz about the recent AVAX price drop, which saw a 13% decrease. Now, Avalanche is consolidating between $13 and $39. If AVAX falls below the crucial $31 support level, it could trigger a buying frenzy, potentially restoring its price to $39.

However, bearish indicators like the RSI and AO hint at ongoing downward pressure on AVAX. While its long-term outlook remains positive, a dip below $31 could pivot the trend downwards, possibly pushing the price to $28.

AVAX logo

Influencers Rally Behind BlockDAG’s Potential to Reach $10 by 2025

BlockDAG has become a viral sensation thanks to robust influencer backing. Following a significant price jump of 1000%, forecasts suggest a 30,000x ROI post-mainnet launch.

A notable video by crypto influencer Michael Wrubel has stirred significant interest, highlighting BlockDAG’s superior ROI capabilities over giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Wrubel points out that early investors are already reaping substantial returns. Valued currently at $0.011, Wrubel’s projections range from $10 to $100 for BlockDAG by 2025.

Wrubel’s insights into BlockDAG’s advanced DAG-based PoW consensus, EVM compatibility, scalable infrastructure, and mining capabilities underscore its innovation. He also touches on BlockDAG’s community initiatives, including a $2 million giveaway for 50 lucky participants.

Blockdag roadmap


Furthermore, Wrubel touts BlockDAG’s efficient mining hardware and the new X1 Miner app, which allows smartphone users to mine up to 20 BDAG daily.

BlockDAG’s roadmap is strategically laid out in three phases, covering Blockchain Development, the BlockDAG Scan (Explorer), and the X1 Miner Application, all set between May and September. Phase 1 targets the development of key components like the P2P Engine, EVM Compatibility, and various network launches.

Phase 2 will focus on enhancing the Dashboard, developing smart contracts platforms, and expanding NFT capabilities. The final phase concentrates on user onboarding, wallet features, community interactions, and leaderboard functionalities. These initiatives have already helped BlockDAG raise over $46.8 million by selling more than 11.2 billion coins and 7,182 miners.

Concluding Thoughts

With Ripple bracing for a potential breakout in XRP and the AVAX price revealing new investment dimensions, BlockDAG stands out as a formidable contender. Backed by a clear roadmap and influential endorsements, BlockDAG’s recent 1000% price surge and ongoing $46.8 million presale success underline its burgeoning status in the crypto world pushing its potential for 30,000x ROI.

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