Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Blocksquare Reaches $100M in Tokenized Real Estate, Launches New DeFi Platform

Blocksquare, a leading RWA tokenization protocol, has announced the tokenization of $100 million worth of properties, coinciding with the release of their new launchpad, Oceanpoint v0.5.

This significant achievement showcases a diverse array of 118 different real estate assets, including hotels, restaurants, parking lots, healthcare facilities, and apartments, across more than 21 countries.

Blocksquare’s success is rooted in its robust legal structure, highlighted by the first notarization of a tokenized real estate transaction on the EU land registry. This accomplishment enables secure on-chain operations, setting a new global standard and underscoring Blocksquare’s dedication to innovation and security in the real estate tokenization industry.

Additionally, Blocksquare has launched its DeFi platform, Oceanpoint v0.5. This launchpad is now live, assisting real estate tokenization start-ups to establish their presence in the market.

The utility token BST powers the Oceanpoint DeFi ecosystem. It can be staked and converted into sBST, the governance token. Community members can use these tokens to support emerging tokenization marketplace operators and earn rewards. This initiative provides start-ups with up to a 100% discount on Blocksquare’s SaaS solutions, facilitating their launch and growth with enhanced efficiency.

Marketplace Pools offer a democratized avenue for both marketplace operators and community members to participate and expand within the ecosystem.

“Tokenizing over $100 million in real estate assets across 21 countries demonstrates the immense potential of RWA tokenization,” said Denis Petrovcic, Co-founder and CEO of Blocksquare. “Our dedicated team, committed marketplace partners, and visionary BST holder community are driving a transformation in real estate through democratized investment.”

About Blocksquare

Blocksquare provides SaaS solutions for blockchain-based real estate tokenization. Based in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Blocksquare’s platform aims to create a global network of marketplaces, connecting investors with local real estate opportunities. Through its tokenization protocol, real estate assets can be digitized cost-effectively, offering a rapid route to launching an online marketplace. Blocksquare’s Oceanpoint platform enhances this infrastructure by enabling borderless access to real estate financing for anyone with an internet connection.

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