Blocto focuses on UX and chain agnosticism for mass adoption

Rick Steves

Blocto is committed to being proactive in this field, holding both online and in-person events with a focus on quality and their mission to advance blockchain’s reach while empowering ecosystem development. 

During Taipei Blockchain Week in Taiwan, Blocto co-hosted the event BloctoCamp with the Aptos team as part of its effort to advance the adoption of blockchain technology with its user-friendly chain-agnostic wallet.

That is what Blocto sees as the keys to mass adoption, user experience and chain agnosticism. The startup running atop one of the most promising new chains Aptos currently serves more than 1.6 million global users and the ambition doesn’t stop there.

Users unaware of chains and reluctant to undergo onboarding processes

At the BloctoCamp event, the Blocto and Aptos teams noticed that most users were unaware of which chain they are on and reluctant to undergo complicated onboarding processes.

The Blocto Wallet allows users to start from a beginner-friendly mode without dealing with complex seed phrases and keys. The chain-agnostic wallet also allows users to onboard easily with an intuitive 30-second email login process.

At BloctoCamp, co-hosted with Aptos, Alex Lin from Axion Asia emphasized the importance of user experience and usability for Web3 to thrive, emphasizing that

Crypto terms are difficult to understand for beginners, Axion Asia’s Alex Lin said at the BloctoCamp, where he lauded Blocto for making the technology more familiar and accessible through more intuitive tools and services.

Hsuan Lee, co-founder and CEO at Blockto, shared the same sentiment. He explained that “one key factor in user growth is user experience…something that [the team] has been valuing a lot since day one of Blocto.”

Blocto launched $3 million Aptos ecosystem fund to support mass adoption

Blocto is currently providing a $3 million Aptos ecosystem fund to support mass adoption, and is fostering an approachable blockchain through events and recognizable IPs

A recent event co-hosted with Flow, called Bloctopian Nite, brought together both Web2 and Web3 professionals in Taipei in order to network and establish new partnerships and collaborations.

Blocto has recently partnered with MotoGP for its MotoGP Ignition Marketplace and Yahoo Taiwan for a Yahoo NFT Store. The firm has previously integrated with Flow, an ecosystem featuring IPs such as NBA Top Shot.

Leveraging Aptos’s proprietary smart contract programming language MOVE, the Blocto team continues to unveil new features for Blocto Wallet that help users seamlessly manage their crypto, NFTs, and dApps.

Blocto is committed to being proactive in this field, holding both online and in-person events with a focus on quality and their mission to advance blockchain’s reach while empowering ecosystem development.

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