Bogus representative of Israeli FX and binary scammer attempts to bribe FinanceFeeds - FinanceFeeds

Bogus representative of Israeli FX and binary scammer attempts to bribe FinanceFeeds

FinanceFeeds has been offered a financial bribe by a bogus representative of a notorious Israeli binary options and FX fraudster, who is well connected within those circles. Now he wants to slip away and ‘clean’ his name. Bribery is illegal and a serious criminal offense. We expose all, and its history.

The filthy hornet’s nest that is the Israeli binary options and b-book FX business has absolutely no moral standards, and as FinanceFeeds has documented several times, is operated by thick-skinned perpetrators who have absolutely no regard or understanding whatsoever for the reputational damage that they are creating for the bona fide retail electronic trading industry globally.

FinanceFeeds is also committed to representing the highest quality companies and developments within this ever advancing business, in its major commercial centers that stand as bastions of the provision of institutional financial services, the technology that underpins it and its highly knowledgeable senior executives who actually care about the future of the business globally, extending tremendous effort to continue to evolve the business for the greater good.

For this reason, it is critical that any binary options or false representation of retail FX is rooted out, a matter which has created massive public discourse in Israel, where most of the fraudulent and bogus companies operate by using shell companies and false identities to simply steal money from people around the world.

Despite the discourse, and the Israel Securities Authority’s enormous attempts, led by Professor Shmuel Hauser and the Knesset Finance Committee (central government) to put a stop to the activities of binary options fraudsters’ activities globally, corruption reigned supreme in the end, which is likely to be why most of the notoriously aggressive leaders of the binary options business remained so nonchalant throughout the attempts to ban it out of existence and punish them for their wrongdoings.

Most of the owners and senior management of what has now become regarded by many as a gang-like enterprise, led by people with very strong connections to large scale organized crime entities, did not have the same background as those who lead the genuine financial services industry.

Instead of working hard to study, gaining a top level university qualification in applied mathematics or computer science before embarking on a structured and difficult internship at Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch before working hard to advance the causes of several divisions of large non-bank entities on the way to becoming a senior executive as is the case in London, Sydney, New York and Chicago, these individuals are barely literate, and have spent their youth moving dubious goods on at low end markets before entering the lead buying/stealing arena and operating ferociously aggressive gambling sites, largely ruling by fear and force.

Israel’s failure to curtail this has led America to finally begin. FinanceFeeds is aware that the SEC and the FBI, both of which have been conducting surveillance on who is who and who is doing what, know exactly who all of the purpetrators are, but were waiting for Israel’s authorities to take action. Now that this has failed, the US is making its swoop, beginning last week with the arrest of Lee Elbaz, CEO of Yukom which operated BinaryBook, a fraudulent entity owned by Yossi Herzog.

After posting $1.8 million in bail, Ms Elbaz is now under house arrest until her court case takes place, and faces up to 25 years in jail for wire fraud and mail fraud, basically the soliciting of American customers for binary options, an activity which the vast majority of Israeli binary options firms are engaging in.

Today, FinanceFeeds received a poorly written email, full of typographical errors, offering a financial bribe to remove the name of one particular notorious individual from an article on this subject.

In the letter, a bogus representative of Guy Galboiz attempted to bribe us to remove his name from the article.

The bribe that was offered to us was as follows: (The typographical errors are exactly as per how it was received by us).

My clinet Guy Galboiz wat to open a new life, and stay away from all binary world.

In this article,  there is a paragraph:

Guy Galboiz, the 37-year old who registered the NGBinary website in his name, was one of the initial members of senior management at 4XP. FinanceFeeds is aware of many other former employees who now operate binary options brands.

Just remove the his full time, you can type like this: “Someone from Israel registered the NGBinary website in his name…”

I can to transfer $xxxx for this.

This is my phone +972509905445 (Israel) you can sent me here or in whatsapp (same line)

The entity making this absurd and illegal offer is not a law firm or any professional body, but an Israeli entity which offers ‘business solutions’ including website design and corporate image. One would have assumed that some degree of basic literacy would be a pre-requisite for that.

Mr Galboiz is the 37-year old who registered the NGBinary website in his name, and was one of the initial members of senior management at 4XP alongside co-founder, Yossi Herzog whose CEO Lee Elbaz from BinaryBook is now facing jail.

Mr Galboiz is notorious in Israel, and for the last ten years has been involved in several fraudulent binary options and FX firms that are now on several government agendas to prosecute.

For example, the firm began its operations by registering itself in Britain, however NRGbinary was run from Israel and sold its products to clients in the Middle East, Canada and South Africa. Within months it had shifted its registration to Cyprus and then to the Seychelles.

Within two years, according to London lawyers and scores of former clients, around a dozen of whom spoke to Reuters, NRGbinary and other companies linked to the same parent group had defrauded hundreds of people out of anywhere between $10,000 and several hundreds of thousands of dollars – millions in all. The firm also presented its staff with BMW cars adorned with ribbons to ‘congratulate’ its sales people.

In early 2016, FinanceFeeds reported that the Israeli and French police and authorities were working together in order to find and prosecute 15 fraudsters which had been on the boards of directors of several firms in Israel, those being 4XP, BForex, Sisma Capital, Tradaxa and Aston Invest, all of which the French government believe to be involved in a massive scam operation that took an average of €210,000 from each victim in France.

In November last year, British tabloid newspaper The Daily Mail featured a large exposee on how Israeli binary options firms are freely ripping off British citizens, with no redress from the authorities. One of the companies featured in the Daily Mail’s report is BinaryBook, which, according to the Daily Mail and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, is operated by former members of key personnel at 4XP, confirming FinanceFeeds’ prior research.

A joint investigation by Money Mail and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism found that BinaryBook faces accusations from a number of British savers that they were unable to access cash in their accounts.

The report by the Daily Mail states that on the profiles of Facebook and LinkedIn, staff at both Linkopia and Yukom describe themselves as brokers and account managers.

Further testimony that these individuals all work as a type of organized ‘mafia’ is evident in some social media interaction between many of the owners of brands and market makers in Israel, largely on Facebook and related publicly available sites.

We are in receipt of an example whereby Lee Elbaz, the CEO of Yukom (BinaryBook) who now faces jail, proclaims how Yossi Herzog is her mentor, spiritual leader, having left a gushing birthday message for him last year on his Facebook wall, accompanied by a picture displaying their offices. The location “Caesarea” is a city in North Israel, which is where the operations of 4XP were based.

FinanceFeeds would like to categorically point out that we under no circumstances engage in the acceptance of monetary awards for the laundering of actual facts, or for any purpose whatsoever, and that bribery is a criminal offense in the State of Israel, where the company offering the bribe is based, and in the United Kingdom, where FinanceFeeds is based.

Our commitment to ensuring that the good prosper and are unhindered by this type of behavior is paramount and will continue.




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