Celoxica taps IPC for ultra-low latency on market data, DMA trading, and risk checks

Rick Steves

“Partnering with IPC allows us to continue building our presence in the Asia Pacific region and offer both local and global customers a fully managed service leveraging our ultra-low latency product suite for market data, trading, and risk checks.”

IPC, a global leader in communications and networking solutions for the financial markets, has announced an exciting industry collaboration that will bring about significant advancements in direct market access (DMA) and pre-trade risk management for a Tier 1 Investment Bank in Taiwan.

This collaboration integrates Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway (MAG) with IPC’s Connexus platform, offering a fully managed colocation solution that promises enhanced efficiency, lower latency trading, and comprehensive risk management.

Celoxica offers multi-asset class trading and pre-trade risk management

The heart of this collaboration lies in the integration of Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway with IPC’s Connexus platform, leading to the creation of a powerful hosted solution. IPC’s fully managed hosting services will be facilitated within the CHT data center, supported by Connexus Colocation, Connectivity, and Chrono services. This combination is designed to provide seamless and efficient access to Taiwanese financial markets, elevating both the speed and precision of trading activities.

The partnership between IPC and Celoxica has culminated in a solution that caters to the needs of the Investment Bank by facilitating direct market access and robust pre-trade risk management. This is especially crucial in the fast-paced world of finance, where real-time decisions need to be made while adhering to stringent risk management protocols.

Celoxica’s Market Access Gateway (MAG) platform adds a layer of sophistication to the solution, supporting trading across multiple asset classes and offering comprehensive pre-trade risk management capabilities. Importantly, the collaboration ensures ultra-low latency performance regardless of trading volumes and market volatility.

A key advantage of this solution for the Investment Bank lies in the cost efficiencies it brings. By replacing traditional capital expenditure with an operational expenditure service model, the bank can focus more on optimizing its trading strategies and operational processes rather than managing and maintaining complex infrastructure.

Celoxica building presence in the Asia Pacific region

John Owens, Director of Global Exchange Relationship Management at IPC Systems, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, stating, “We are pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Celoxica on a fully managed, ultra-low latency market connectivity and pre-trade risk management trading solution that supports our customer’s speed to market with respect to exchange, broker and client connectivity.”

Ben Tyas, Head of the Asia region for Celoxica, highlighted the broader implications of this collaboration, stating, “Partnering with IPC allows us to continue building our presence in the Asia Pacific region and offer both local and global customers a fully managed service leveraging our ultra-low latency product suite for market data, trading, and risk checks.”

This partnership between IPC and Celoxica marks a significant milestone in the evolution of direct market access and risk management solutions, particularly in the context of Taiwan’s financial markets. The collaboration is set to empower the Tier 1 Investment Bank with the tools and capabilities needed to navigate the complexities of modern finance with agility and confidence.

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