Coming soon: FinanceFeeds to launch interactive FinTech and FX industry employment portal - FinanceFeeds

Coming soon: FinanceFeeds to launch interactive FinTech and FX industry employment portal

FinanceFeeds is set to launch a global talent search and employment portal for the electronic trading, FX and FinTech sectors, providing a unique resource which allows candidates to easily progress their careers and employers globally to select from a wide range of international talent, specific to this industry

As part of our continued and detailed commitment to the FX and electronic trading industry, FinanceFeeds will this month launch the FinanceFeeds talent search and employment portal.

This new service will be available to all sectors of the FX industry and will be free of charge to use, both from the recruiter and the candidate’s perspective.

In order to serve every company in the industry with a valuable resource, FinanceFeeds has partnered with one of the world’s most comprehensive executive search consultancies, which specializes in FinTech, Financial Services and institutional technology, in order that experienced professionals in the FX industry can progress their careers via one unique and specific resource.

Congruently, companies across every sector of this industry, from prime brokerage, to technology vendor, to ancillary service provider to retail brokerage will be able to source talent via the FinanceFeeds talent search and employment portal.

From C-level industry leaders to middle management, sales and technical development, FinanceFeeds will provide all categories of employment and means by which to connect specific requirements to the correct and most relevant candidate.

One of the downsides of attempting to search for talent via generic channels is the lack of specialist knowledge or understanding of the right credentials required by candidates to suit specific roles.

FinanceFeeds, as an expert resource in the FX and electronic trading sector, will be able to streamline this process, creating a vital time and money saving system for all sectors of the industry globally, and as a result of the vast database that exists across FinanceFeeds’ own intellectual property combined with the international database of FinTech, electronic trading and financial services entities which will be integrated by our global executive search partner which works client-side, will be a very important addition to the resources available to firms and candidates in all locations.

FinanceFeeds will offically announce the launch of the talent search and employment portal imminently, meanwhile inquiries should be sent to

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