Ethereum Blockchain Game Pikamoon Raises $3.6m, Final ICO Phase Selling Out Fast


Pikamoon, an emerging Ethereum blockchain game, has raised $3.6 million in its ongoing ICO to bring more value to the Ethereum ecosystem and revolutionise the blockchain gaming space.

Pikamoon would launch the world’s most immersive metaverse game and a first-of-its-kind earning model that allows players to withdraw their in-game rewards directly to their wallet or bank account without the need for a third party.

Pikamoon focuses on becoming the most realistic metaverse game where players can get a 360-degree experience of the growing virtual space through unparalleled gameplay, stunning visuals, and innovative DeFi features. Drawing inspiration from legendary games like Fortnite, Pokemon, and FIFA, the Ethereum game has leaped forward and is prepared to blend NFTs, video gaming, and metaverse entertainment perfectly.

The Pikamoon game is built on Unity, the world’s most advanced game development technology, to create the stunning visuals and architecture needed to give players a truly immersive experience.

Additionally, Pikamoon is built across two blockchains: Ethereum and MultiversX (formerly Elrond). While Ethereum provides scalability, MultiversX complements it by providing efficiency and ensuring the game is environmentally friendly by reducing carbon emissions generated by transactions. This dual blockchain feature ensures that the Pikamoon ecosystem can cater to legions of gamers without any lag.

Gaming enthusiasts and smart investors are convinced Pikamoon is the future of gaming, and this is evident in how fast phase one and phase two of the ICO sold out. In the first phase, one PIKA sold for $0.0002, which increased to $0.0004 in the second phase, and now in the third and last phase, one PIKA is selling for $0.0006 and selling out faster.

Notable partners of this Ethereum-based game include future-thinking Web3 brands such as Ethereum, Transak,, Kevuru Games, and MultiversX. This line-up of industry leaders further reinforces the credibility of the project, reaffirming the fact that the team is committed to building the best of the best gaming projects.

Pikamoon offers investors the opportunity to enter what is strategically seen as a huge market of the Metaverse and gaming on the Ethereum blockchain. A core feature of the PIKA token is its deflationary nature. Whenever a sell or transfer transaction occurs in the Pikamoon ecosystem, 0.5% of the tokens involved in the transaction are burned forever, translating into more profits for long-term investors.

The much-talked-about presale, which is still on, uses Ethereum as its base currency, becoming the new favorite of the Ethereum community. This seamless integration with Ethereum not only simplifies the investment process for eager investors but also strengthens the overall Ethereum ecosystem.

About Pikamoon

Pikamoon makes metaverse gameplay exciting and rewarding for players of all age groups. The Pikamoon’s metaverse, the Pikaverse, offers players endless opportunities to explore, battle, trade, and earn a living within the game. It operates on two blockchains, Ethereum and MultiversX, ensuring smooth and glitch-free gameplay for every player. Similarly, Pikamoon’s unique earning model allows players to easily monetize gameplay, solidifying its place as one of the best metaverse games on the market.

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