IronFX Head of Global Sales Nael Saleh leaves company

Exclusive: Sources claim that IronFX Head of Global Sales Nael Saleh leaves the company after 5 years, IronFX states continued employment

Today, FinanceFeeds has discovered that another senior member of staff at IronFX has moved on to pastures new. Following the…

Today, FinanceFeeds has discovered that another senior member of staff at IronFX has moved on to pastures new.

Following the departure in September last year of IronFX UK CEO Stefanos Mitsi, several sources within the industry have explained to FinanceFeeds that that Nael Saleh, Head of Global Sales at IronFX has left the company.

Additionally, Tereza Demetriou, the company’s Global Head of HR has also left after three and a half years at IronFX, as confirmed during a telephone call from FinanceFeeds to IronFX this morning.

Despite many independent sources having approached FinanceFeeds, IronFX maintains that Mr. Saleh is still employed by the company.

Mr. Saleh has been an instrumental part of IronFX’s sales operations and the company’s rapid growth, leading the international sales team from the firm’s head office in Limassol, Cyprus as the firm expanded rapidly across South East Asia, the UK, South Africa, the Middle East and mainland Europe.

Joining the company right at the beginning of its existence in September 2010 from Swissquote’s Middle Eastern operations in Dubai, UAE where he was Customer Service Manager, Mr. Saleh became Head of Global Sales, a post that he retained for five years until his recent departure from the company.

Mr. Saleh joined Swissquote in February 2007 from RAK Bank in Dubai, where he spent three years in the contact center.


Nael Saleh

Educated at Jami’at Al-Zarqa’ Al-Ahliyya Al-Khassa, Mr Saleh has a Bachelor’s degree in Information’s Technologies, which he obtained in 2004.

Embattled FX brokerage IronFX has been the subject of substantial media attention over the past year, largely centered around allegations of non-payment to introducing brokers in regions within which the company has conducted significant retail FX business, and difficulties with regard to clients alleging that the firm is canceling profits citing abuse of terms and conditions, despite those terms and conditions having been made clear in contracts.

Indeed, two months ago, Andros Kyprianou, the leader of the opposition political party AKEL, began to turn his attention to the company’s alleged activities, and in the advent of the Cyprus elections, stepped up his anti-IronFX campaign.

Whilst the exodus of senior executives continues, the media furore that surrounds IronFX remains just that – a media furore, as absolutely no case for or against the company has been brought before a formal court to date.


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