Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Explore Solana games: Plutonians gives players amazing NFT, metaverse experience

In this review we try to offer a little insight into one of the hottest metaverse gameplays – Plutonians – which already attracts blockchain gaming enthusiasts.

Solana is now home to a wide array of impressive play-to-earn titles that are quickly gaining momentum. With an innovative approach and unique design, Plutonians is one of the most anticipated Solana games right now.

This RPG game fuses the best of NFTs, metaverse and crypto technologies with the thrill of video gaming to allow players explore shooting actions, strategy, and co-operative elements.

Introducing Plutonians

Described as a hybrid mix of Homeworld and Escape Velocity, Plutonians is a metaverse space game developed by U.A. Fabrica. The game combines classic space-shooter combat with principles of open-world strategy and in-game building often seen in real-time RPG games.

All of this is presented with the help of engaging storylines and a variety of missions. Players will be able to enjoy the game in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) in addition to traditional web and mobile platforms. On top of that, they are given access to customize their gaming experience, as well as an in-game NFT marketplace to trade spaceship components of varying rarity.

Plutonians features a vibrant in-game economy and native trading systems including NFT Marketplace, in-game DEX AMM, Yield Farms and lending platform. The ecosystem relies on a two-token model that powers the Plutonians gaming experience with a number of key utilities — Plutonian DAO ($PLD) as a fixed-supply governance token used to represent financial stake in the metaverse, and Republic Credits ($RPC) as a deflationary in-game currency used to facilitate all transactions.

Plutonians tokens were released on both centralized exchanges and Solana’s decentralized exchanges. That intends to set an attractive yet unique staking and earning system for holders of Plutonians tokens, allowing them to earn exclusive NFTs and PU238 or Plutonians’ fuel token.

Key benefits and unique features

The Plutonians project is being held on the shoulders of a few sexy promises. Ultimately, that is up to you to decide after taking a thorough look into the fundamentals and long-term potential of the project.

Key benefits of the game include zero barriers to entry – essentially users will not have to purchase specific items to play the game. Plutonians has also released a Toolset that allows users to build or expand game content, edit game and storylines and even “fork” the entire Plutonians Metaverse. 

Another point of difference is its community-created and curated free content that allows players to continue missions beyond the main story pack. The NFT marketplace also features a “testflight” or “fly before you buy” opportunity for the spaceship NFTs, and is built on the existing VR demo. 

Who owns Plutonians?

The Berlin-based Plutonians was co-founded by Tillmann Meyer, who also founded the gaming and parent company U.A.Fabrica. As the writer, director, and chief technology officer behind Plutonians, Tillmann is somewhat of an upcoming thought leader for Metaverse.

Plutonians’ website also cites James Lee as the chief information officer (CIO), tasked with helping design out the stickiest / attractive rewards and incentivized opportunities in the game for users. James has a strong background of experience that stems from his DeFi experience in the crypto space. 

To date, the platform has raised approximately $13 million out of a $19.8 million target raise. The decent funding reflects Plutonians’ potential as it caters to a customer segment spanning DeFi and Yield Farming investors, metaverse gaming enthusiasts and the intended additional bolt-on market is the “real” or “traditional” gamers from outside the blockchain space.

The team currently reaches and engages with clients through Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Reddit, YouTube, and Medium.  They are also exploring using TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitch Gaming KOLs for additional reach.


Plutonians (PLD) is an NFT-powered roleplaying game built natively on the Solana blockchain. Combined with a heavy focus on strategy and decision-based play, gamers will battle and win two unique solana-based tokens that can be converted at the marketplace.

Plutonians describes itself as a Metaverse (VR + NFT) game that blends elements of strategy RPG, shooter action, multiplayer PvE, and social alternate reality games. That is pretty much everything players do in the real gaming world.

Bringing all fantasy world elements into action, the space-themed strategy game offers one of the most visually attractive blockchain gaming experiences. Impressively, Plutonians breaks boundaries with $0 set-up cost and by combining a traditional gaming experience with the best practices of the blockchain world.



  1. I really don’t understand all the hype behind SOL – for me BSC and ETH already provide everything a project needs for crypto gaming, and both have their positive qualities. SOL is simple not on my list of networks.

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