Farcana and Dravus join forces to line up sustainable mining power sources

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As a result of growing ecological awareness, the sector’s top companies have been working to achieve effective cryptocurrency mining while still being energy-efficient: e.g. using mining facilities fueled by renewable power and located in colder regions to lower heat-dissipation costs.

According to Digiconomist’s Bitcoin Energy Usage Index, it takes 1,449 kWh, or around 50 days of typical US home electricity, to conduct one Bitcoin transaction. At the same time, Bitcoin mining consumes roughly as much energy as Argentina. 

As a result of growing ecological awareness, the sector’s top companies have been working to achieve effective cryptocurrency mining while still being energy-efficient: e.g. using mining facilities fueled by renewable power and located in colder regions to lower heat-dissipation costs.

To support the initiative, Farcana — a Dubai-based Web3 project that merges AI and gaming to create an inclusive gaming experience and boost well-being — and Dravus Investment, a Central European private equity specializing in energy distribution and eco-mining, have signed a strategic investment agreement.

Farcana and Dravus: supporting sustainable mining 

Building on blockchain technologies, Farcana encourages the ongoing transition of cryptocurrency mining to renewable energy sources. The in-game economy and steady reward fund of Farcana are backed by the Bitcoin mining hash rate through a cutting-edge, US-patented Play-to-Hash (P2H) model, setting new standards for the GameFi. 

By transforming this idea into an eco-friendly one with the help of this forward-thinking cooperation, Farcana will be able to lessen the adverse effects of mining on the environment and the product economy. Dravus Investment supports this initiative by investing $1M in the company’s infrastructure.

‘Dravus Investment has a considerable interest in mining cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Farcana Gaming Metaverse is one of our blockchain ecosystem investments. The initiative uses Play-to-Hash (P2H) mechanisms, which are now cutting-edge and have a bright future,’ Dravus team comments.

“At Farcana, we are very grateful for With Dravus Investment’s confidence in our business innovations in Web3 gaming, fueled by eco-mining and renewable energy. With their help, we will have the opportunity to contribute in a small way to safeguarding the environment and our shared home, the planet Earth,” says Ilman Shazhaev, CEO and Founder of Farcana.

About  Farcana

Farcana is a Dubai-based Web3 project focused on gaming and health tech research. By leveraging its scientific backbone, the project develops and integrates AI, VR and BCIs into a gaming metaverse environment.

Farcana’s gaming department aims to bring ethics and inclusion into video games, while its research department, Farcana Labs, studies the ways of operating Big Data in the new Web3 reality to boost progress and improve our well-being. 

Farcana game is a Triple-A Game-Fi battle royale, which adopted a unique Play-to-Hash model to fund its prize pool with BTC using its own mining power as collateral. It is the first gaming title with a transparent bitcoin hash pool, supported by the partnership with Binance. 

About Dravus Investment

With its headquarters in Brno, Czech Republic, Dravus Investment is a reputable Central European private equity holding company established in 2011. It emphasizes investments in innovative technology, the environment, and energy generation in areas that are expanding quickly. 

Dravus Investment has extensive knowledge in all aspects of the solar energy industry, including site acquisition, planning for a ready-to-build stage, setting up solar energy infrastructure, and distributing generated energy.

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