FDCTech, Inc. Secures Pivotal Acquisition of Alchemy Group

Jack R. Mitchell

FDCTech, Inc. has announced a game-changing agreement to acquire the Alchemy Group fully, aiming to amplify its global trading and investment platform presence.

FDCTech, Inc.

FDCTech, Inc. (OTCQB: FDCT), a fintech-driven company dedicated to purchasing and integrating smaller legacy financial service firms, declared today a legally binding agreement to acquire Alchemy Group. This acquisition comprises 100% ownership of Alchemy Markets DMCC (Alchemy UAE), Alchemy Prime Ltd. (Alchemy UK), and the remaining 49.90% stake in Alchemy Markets Ltd. (Alchemy Malta).

In this transaction, FDCTech will issue 1,700,000 shares of its Series B Preferred stock to Alchemy Group shareholders. The final merger terms stipulate that the present management and board of directors will remain in charge of the Company’s operations. This merger is the culmination of negotiations that began in September 2022.

FDCTech aspires to be a leading online trading and investment platform, targeting markets across Europe, Asia, and Australia. This acquisition marks a significant turning point in its business journey and is expected to benefit its shareholders in multiple ways:

Diversification of Services

Alchemy Markets DMCC: Focuses on proprietary trading on regulated exchanges and offers liquidity for mid-sized online brokers.

Alchemy Prime (UK): Provides financial services to brokers and other institutional clients, regulated by the UK’s FCA.

Alchemy (Malta): Offers retail online brokerage services the MFSA regulates.

Financial Benefits

Alchemy Group’s exemplary fiscal performance in 2022, boasting over $22 million in revenues and a net income exceeding $12 million, will enhance FDCTech’s financial robustness.

Alchemy Group’s financial solid reserves, totaling over $20 million, assure the Company’s financial stability.

Expansion and Synergy

Alchemy Group’s operations across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia will expand FDCTech’s global presence.

The merger promises increased operational efficiency, cost reductions, and potential for new services, with combined team members boasting decades of experience in financial services.

Competitive Advantage

The acquisition positions FDCTech’s technology solutions to cater to small to mid-sized brokers, often neglected by larger financial institutions.

FDCTech is undertaking this transaction with assistance from its in-house team and Barnett and Linn acting as legal advisors. The acquisition is expected to conclude in the upcoming thirty days.

For comprehensive details on the merger, management plans, and more, please consult our SEC filings or visit the Company’s official website.

Additional Company Details 

Alchemy Markets DMCC is registered in Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, UAE, focusing on proprietary trading.

Alchemy Markets Ltd. (previously NSFX Ltd.) is a Maltese company regulated by the MFSA, offering a multilingual trading platform.

Alchemy Prime Limited is FCA-regulated in the UK, providing financial services to institutional clients.

FDCTech, Inc. is a US-based leader in developing advanced financial technology infrastructure for future financial markets.

This press release contains forward-looking statements based on current data, which are inherently subject to risks and uncertainties. The Company disclaims any guarantees about the accuracy or completeness of these statements. The Company and its affiliates are not responsible for any decisions or actions based on this press release.

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