FinanceFeeds exclusive FX industry networking event to take place in Sydney on April 11

FinanceFeeds exclusive FX industry networking event to take place in Sydney on April 11

On Tuesday, April 11, Australia’s electronic trading industry leaders will convene at one of Sydney’s most prestigious venues for the tenth FinanceFeeds Cup networking event, bringing Australia’s leaders closer and facilitating vital networking opportunities

As winter gives way to spring, summer gives way to fall in the Antipodes.

Marking the ultimate FX industry networking event in the quarterly FinanceFeeds Cup exclusive series and the tenth since establishment, the FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup will take place on Tuesday April 11 at one of Sydney’s most well recognized and prestigious venues.

Australia is the highly respected and well organized bridge between the all-important APAC region and the Western FX and OTC derivatives world.

The Antipodean giant is renowned worldwide for being home to some of the largest and most esteemed brokerages in the world, and enjoys a top drawer reputation as a region in which to operate in the electronic financial markets sector.

When: April 11, 2017
Where: The Establishment, 252 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Time: 6pm

On April 11, FinanceFeeds will host the Sydney Cup at the famous Establishment in George Street, welcoming the leaders of Australia’s institutional and retail electronic trading industry, in luxurious and exclusive surroundings.

During recent years, Australia’s extremely sophisticated electronic trading industry has become a pinnacle of the global financial markets economy worldwide, thanks to its highly respected business ethic, avantgarde, ultra-modern and astute regulatory authority, the influence from a longstanding listed derivatives and raw materials commodity trading industry and its close trade relations with the Asia Pacific region, providing a catalyst between the West and the all important business interaction with the Far East.

Hosting the event will be Andrew Saks-McLeod, CEO of FinanceFeeds, alongside senior executives from the electronic trading industry in Australia, representing Australian firms as well as Antipodean divisions of global electronic trading enterprises.

Fostering a good quality business environment is an integral part of Australia’s ethos as a nation of well organized business practice, and the ability for senior executives to conduct vital business with each other is a mainstay of Australia’s FX industry in terms of assisting the growth and further development of the industry.

Sponsored by Direct FX in conjunction with real time reconciliation and A-book position monitoring software provider CurrentDesk, leaders of every sector from prime of prime brokerage, through to technology integration and liquidity management system development firms, to specialist service providers and of course top level retail brokerages will be represented.

FinanceFeeds looks forward to hosting you in Sydney on Tuesday, April 11.

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