FinanceFeeds London Cup – Where 70 senior executives represented the very top of the FX industry. The full montage

From Bloomberg to the major interbank dealers, and from board level executives from the world’s prime of prime brokerages along with institutional technology leaders, the FinanceFeeds London Cup brought together the very leaders which preside over the most important components of the global business. Here is a full insight into the gathering of the elite

Yesterday evening, FinanceFeeds hosted the most recent in its series of FinanceFeeds Cup FX Industry Networking Events, this time in the all important Square Mile.

The London Cup took place in the exclusive, members-only EIGHT MOORGATE club in the heart of the epicenter of the world’s financial and technology center, at a very stylish venue, continuing the FinanceFeeds ethos of ensuring the opportunity to concentrate on networking with potential industry partners from the very top companies in the world, uninterrupted by sales pitches or advertorials.

Introduced by FinanceFeeds CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod, 70 senior executives convened for an evening of networking and discussion.

Sponsored by CMC Markets, a keynote speech was delivered by Head of Institutional, Richard Elston, one of the institutional FX industry’s highly experienced and urbane executives who provided a comprehensive insight into CMC Markets’ direction and increasing emphasis on its PrimeFX institutional product, building on its longstanding stature as a benchmark in the retail sector.

Mr Elston highlighted the publicly listed status of the company and that when choosing an institutional partner, brokers should consider various factors including the revenue and balance sheet of their provider, and to consider that for retail brokerages, if obtaining meaningful multi-asset flow is seen as a priority for growth, the single most important point to question is arguably just how much volume will be available across each of the assets.

Attended by some of the electronic trading industry’s global leaders, the event was represented by board and company director-level executives from esteemed firms that are synonymous with forging the direction of the entire FX and multi-asset business internationally.

London most certainly is the international linchpin for the interbank prime brokerage, prime of prime, non-bank institutional ECN, OTC derivatives technology and infrastructure and electronic brokerage business from beginning to end, hence the FinanceFeeds London Cup represented the very elite of this entire business and was once again the forum in which the very elite that drives our entire global business forward were able to conduct vital business with one another, which in turn is how this entire commercial enterprise evolves.

Join us on July 20 at The Establishment in Sydney, Australia, for the FinanceFeeds Sydney Cup FX Industry Networking Event, expanding on this series and ensuring that the elite continue to innovate and forge all important global commercial deals.

Here is a full montage of the FinanceFeeds London Cup at EIGHT MOORGATE members club.

CMC Markets’ senior management prepare to welcome London’s leaders
Leandra McPhillips (CMC Markets), Richard Elston (CMC Markets), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
CMC Markets’ Richard Elston explains what to look for when choosing an institutional partner
70 senior executives discuss very important current issues
Cristian Vlasceanu (PrimeXM), Chris Rowe (Gold-i), Ramy Soliman (Stater Global Markets), Tony Cross (Monk Communications
Tony Cross (Monk Communications), Maria Nikolova (FinanceFeeds)
Dobromir Donev (Integral Development Corporation), Grant Foley (CMC Markets), Felix Cloke (Swissquote), Anthony Edwards (CMC Markets), David Vanstone (Invast Global)
Peg Reed (Forex Development Corporation), Marina (Forex Development Corporation), Raj Kereskedelmi, (SpotOption), Semi Vahap (SpotOption), Itai Sadeh (iFOREX), Alex Maslin (CMC Markets), Mark Durrant (Bloomberg Media)
Richard Elston, Head of Institutional at CMC Markets addresses a global elite of senior executives
Chauncey Boreham (CFH Group), Vanessa Green (Wigwam PR), Irina Arntvel (Cresco Capital Markets)
Cristian Vlasceanu (PrimeXM), Norbert Lukasiewicz (Divisa Group), David Vanstone (Invast Global)
Chauncey Boreham (CFH Group), Vanessa Green (Wigwam PR), Irina Arntvel (Cresco Capital Markets)
Ramy Soliman (Stater Global Markets), James Blackwood (smartTrade Technologies), Annalisa Sarasini (smartTrade Technologies)
Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM), Maria Nikolova (FinanceFeeds)
Chris Rowe (Gold-i), Duncan Anderson (Tickmill), Marina and Peg Reed (Forex Development Corporation)
Shai Heffetz (Intertrader), Shabiq Shafir (Intertrader)
Quinn Perrott (TRAction FinTech)
Irina Arntvel (Cresco Capital Markets), Annalisa Sarasini (smartTrade Technologies), Rupert Hadlow (Blackwell Global), Tony Cross (Monk Communications), Adelina Radu (Blackwell Global)
Dobromir Donev (Integral Development Corporation), Quinn Perrott (TRAction FinTech), Stephen Murphy (Tickstarter)
Grant Foley (CMC Markets), Cristian Vlasceanu (PrimeXM), Eddie Tofpik (ADM)
Shobin Simon (Advanced Markets & Fortex) with Sophie Gerber (TRAction FinTech)
Rupert Hadlow (Blackwell Global), Tony Cross (Monk Communications), Adelina Radu (Blackwell Global)
Dobromir Donev (Integral Development Corporation), Michael Bleys (Sucden Financial)
Maria Nikolova (FinanceFeeds), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising)
Alex Maslin (CMC Markets), Duncan Anderson (Tickmill)
Peg Reed (Forex Development Corporation), Sophie Gerber (TRAction FinTech), Ayhan Gurcoglu (Sucden Financial), Michael Bleys (Sucden Financial), Dobromir Donev (Integral Development Corporation)
Sophie Gerber (TRAction FinTech), Ayhan Gurcoglu (Sucden Financial), Chris Rowe (Gold-i)
Charles Clifton (CliftonTrader), Patrick Latchford (Blackwell Global), Anthony Edwards (CMC Markets), Tony Cross (Monk Communications)
Rupert Hadlow (Blackwell Global), Patrick Latchford (Blackwell Global)
James Shanks (CMC Markets), Richard Elston (CMC Markets), Grant Foley (CMC Markets),
James Shanks (CMC Markets), Grant Foley (CMC Markets), Alex Maslin (CMC Markets)
James Shanks (CMC Markets), Anthony Edwards (CMC Markets), Tony Cross (Monk Communications), Leandra McPhillips (CMC Markets)
Clive Leicester (CMC Markets), James Shanks (CMC Markets)
Ayhan Gurcoglu (Sucden Financial)
James Blackwood (smartTrade Technologies), Annalisa Saratini (smartTrade Technologies), Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM)
CMC Markets senior executives Leandra McPhillips, Alex Maslin, James Shanks and Clive Leicester with Chris Rowe of Gold-i
Richard Elston (CMC Markets), Clive Leicester (CMC Markets)
Top level industry discussions began here!
A fitting venue: EIGHT MOORGATE
Emilio Scintu (Northern Fides), Cristian Vlasceanu (PrimeXM), Raj Kereskedelmi (SpotOption), Peg Reed (Forex Development Corporation), Itai Sadeh (iFOREX)
Karen Clifton (CliftonTrader), Itai Sadeh (iFOREX), Charles Clifton (CliftonTrader)
Ayhan Gurcoglu (Sucden Financial), Dobromir Donev (Integral Development Corporation)
Ayhan Gurcoglu (Sucden Financial), Chris Rowe (Gold-i)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Marina (Forex Development Corporation)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Tony Cross (Monk Communications)
Chris Rowe (Gold-i), Ramy Soliman (Stater Global Markets)
Ryan Nettles (Swissquote), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Felix Cloke (Swissquote), Ryan Nettles (Swissquote), Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM)
Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM), Tony Cross (Monk Communications)
Alex Maslin (CMC Markets), Adelina Radu (Blackwell Global)
Bloomberg Media’s City executives convene with the industry leaders
Sophie Gerber (TRAction FinTech), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Duncan Anderson (Tickmill)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Michael Bleys (Sucden Financial), Ayhan Gurcoglu (Sucden Financial)
Richard Elston (CMC Markets) takes a close look at API connectivity, technology integration with prime brokerages and retail electronic trading firms
Itai Sadeh (iFOREX), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Peg Reed (Forex Development Corporation)
Itai Sadeh (iFOREX), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
CMC Markets senior executives with Andrew Saks-McLeod


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