FinanceFeeds London Cup: The institutional elite debate the future of FX at the Institute of Directors

London is the institutional and interbank heartland of the FX industry, and home to the world’s retail giants. Here is a full montage of the FinanceFeeds London Cup networking event that took place on March 23 at the Institute of Directors

Progress and evolution are two words which aptly describe the development of every product within every sector of the electronic trading industry.

Many technologically advanced industries with large backing and global market share have development cycles of around three to five years per product, whereas within the electronic trading business, it is three to six months.

Maintaining pace with technological change, creating an all important value proposition to mark out each brokerage, prime brokerage, technology and integration solution and institutional or retail trading platform among the proliferation of competition which is concentrated in the metropolitan financial markets powerhouses of the world has resulted in a tremendous driving force toward continual development and disruption.

Whether it be Saxo Bank’s fintech-orientated dialog toward emulating companies whose real estate is cyberspace such as Alibaba, or Google, and creating a multi-faceted, genuine multi-product prime of prime which integrates into any local bank or trading firm via a completely open source front end with flexible API connectivity allowing self-determined refinement by the commercial customer which offers it to its own dedicated client base, a subject debated by the firm along with global hedge fund and wealth managers last month, or whether a retail service provider generating novel methods of engaging clients and reducing operating costs to create streamlined efficiency, it is fair to say that the entire industry is led by innovators and leaders.

Leadership and avantgarde thinking should be spurred by open debate and the removal of taboos, hence panel discussions and industry events are the ideal parapet for interaction, discussion and downright lively dialog which is part and parcel of ensuring that our industry remains a technological leader in financial markets.

London, home to the world’s largest institutional and interbank FX sector that powers the entire world’s electronic markets from Tier 1 bank level through to institutional and large scale retail business encompassing publicly listed brokerages with market capitalizations of several billion pounds, is a tour de force, and the envy of the traditional listed derivatives sector that has shown tremendous interest in incorporating aspects of London’s finest into their own armories recently, largely down to the downright unrelenting ability for the Capital’s OTC sector to continue to drive the entire business forward so rapidly.

As an entity that is completely aligned with this dynamic and the firms behind it, FinanceFeeds held its second quarterly London Cup networking event at the exclusive, members only Institute of Directors in Pall Mall, London.

Sponsored by OSYSTEMS, whose new product’s etymology OSYSFX denotes a fully automated method of engaging customers and is designed to streamline the operations of retail brokerages by reducing the reliance on sales teams and uses machine learning in order to electronically attract a relevant client base to brokerages and engage them during their customer lifetime, the event hosted London’s senior executives who discussed in an open and lively manner how the future of technological engagement in the FX industry should be applied.

FinanceFeeds looks forward to hosting North America’s electronic trading industry leaders this week at the New York Cup networking event.

Here are some highlights from this week’s FinanceFeeds London Cup event.

Jonathan Frankenstein (OSYSTEMS), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising)
Richard Elston (CMC Markets), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Richard Elston (CMC Markets), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Lorenzo Vignati (Investment Trends), Brian Chong (Investment Trends), Tony Cross (Monk Communications), Daniel Crane (Tickstarter), James Banister (FXecosystem)
Daniel Crane (Tickstarter),James Banister (FXecosystem), Chris Rowe (Gold-i), Francois Nembrini (Quantic-AM, AFX Group), Mushegh Tovmasyan (Divisa Capital) , Tom Higgins (Gold-i), Vanessa Green (WigwamPR), Fiona Butler (WigwamPR)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising)
Lorenzo Vignati (Investment Trends), Brian Chong (Investment Trends), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds), Tom Higgins (Gold-i), Stephen R Murphy (Tickstarter), Daniel Crane (Tickstarter)
Martins Skromans (OSYSTEMS)
Maria Nikolova (FinanceFeeds), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising), Brian Chong (Investment Trends), Lorenzo Vignati (Investment Trends), James Banister (FXecosystem), Ramy Soliman (Stater Global Markets), Vanessa Green (WigwamPR)
Roger Cater (AIMS International), Meir Velenski (Velenski Financial Group), Lisa Mayo (AIMS International)
Jonathan Frankenstein (OSYSTEMS), Dominique Christou (120 Advertising), Andrew Saks-McLeod (FinanceFeeds)
Fiona Butler (WigwamPR), Jonathan Frankenstein (OSYSTEMS), Vanessa Green (WigwamPR), Tom Higgins (Gold-i)
Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM, AFX Group), Chris Rowe (Gold-i), Mushegh Tovmasyan (Divisa Capital)
Prestigious members-only Institute of Directors hosts industry elite at the FinanceFeeds London Cup
OSYSTEMS Jonathan Frankenstein leads lively and interactive debate on customer engagement technology
Francois Nembrini (Quantic AM, AFX Group), Meir Velenski (Velenski Financial Group)
London’s Institute of Directors reflects the very upper echelons of the global electronic trading industry in its natural heartlands
Martins Skromans (OSYSTEMS), Tony Cross (Monk Communications), Lorenzo Vignati (Investment Trends), Brian Chong (Investment Trends)




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