FinanceFeeds to host Africa’s largest B2B blockchain event: The South Africa Crypto Summit

On June 28, FinanceFeeds will host over 100 senior movers and shakers, and engage with panelists Athol Nourse, Director of Business development of -The worlds first brokerless Blockchain platform, joined by leading IBs, influencers and mentors Bernard Tokonya, and Siaybulela Mzo, along with marketing and new-economy expert Albert Van Zyl

Developer of broker-neutral platform, along with leading IBs and traders to bring to the forefront the most important things to bear in mind when offering and dealing in blockchain-derived digital asset classes. Johannesburg’s Bryanston Country Club is the venue, and the event is the largest and most prominent of its type

The outright enthusiasm that has been shown by mavericks and entrepreneurs from all manner of business sectors toward digital assets during the past year has been unprecedented.

Filled with risk, unproven and yet the darling of developers, traders and new-economy upstarts, the whole chatter that has surrounded digital assets and the platforms and development frameworks that surround them has been, to put it mildly, a torrent of fanaticism.

In many respects, fanaticism which has derived from absolutely nowhere has never led to any positive outcome, and indeed the cryptocurrency business, now represented by many different sectors, has reached a point of two-tiered structure.

Athol Nourse, Director of Business Development at, the world’s only broker-less financial trading platform

On one side, there is the distributed ledger software development, which, although began as a hard-coded Bitcoin byproduct, has been adopted by large, blue chip multinational financial institutions and management consultancies such as Goldman Sachs and PriceWaterhouseCoopers, in order to extricate the blockchain-type database functionality from its peer-to-peer currency origins and utilize it for reducing the operational cost of running a bank by having distrubuted peer-to-peer back office administration take the role of some internal manual procedure.

On the other side, there have been many disingenuous attempts to shapeshift from schemes that are now hitting the buffers into a marketing-led ‘crypto’ shell, riding on the media-fueled popularity in order to move the same schemes to apparently plausible products.

There is no doubt that a new approach is required, and the developers of dedicated platforms who actually hail from the senior level of the non-bank electronic trading industry in order to provide the rapidly growing number of introducing brokers and traders, as well as those in certain parts of the world where digital assets are actually being used as a currency due to their flexibility beyond local borders, have begun doing just that.

Transparency has often been a hurdle, largely due to the peer-to-peer, decentralized nature of the digital assets themselves and the systems that facilitate their distribution, from mining rigs to platforms, right down to accessibility by the end user.

This is now changing, and in order to assist this change, FinanceFeeds has launched a series of region-specific cryptocurrency summits, aimed at bringing the community together and allowing platform providers, exchange operators, strategic partners and end users to debate important matters and meet the leaders of the sector in person.

The FinanceFeeds South Africa Crypto Summit will take place at the Bryanston Country Club in Bryanston, Gauteng South Africa on June 28, 2018 from 2.00pm until 7.00pm. It is free to attend.

All of Johannesburg’s movers and shakers will be there, and the networking ability vital to all aspects of business in luxurious and exclusive surroundings, whilst enjoying fine food and refreshments.

There will be a panel discussion which will cover the following topics:

  • The trader & IB migration from traditional Binary options/FX into Crypto
  •  Current issues with Brokers and crypto exchanges( Broker fraud/canceling winning trades/account managers employed to trade on client accounts/ lack of trust with placing funds with a broker/Pump and dump schemes rife with crypto exchanges/ICOs/broker scams
  • Smart options(new asset class introduced by Spectre)/How spectre is using the blockchain and smart contracts to eliminate the broker/reduce broker fraud to zero.
  • How is empowering traders
  • Decentralised liquidity pool
  • Vision for Africa and South Africa and there groundbreaking affiliate program

Chairing the panel will be Andrew Saks-McLeod, CEO of FinanceFeeds, and participating will be Athol Nourse, Global Director of Business Development at, along with Bernard Tokonya, Forex Trader, Analyst, Introducing Broker and mentor who is widely renowned in South Africa.

Large scale introducing broker Siaybulelo Mzo will debate with panelists, his following in South Africa substantial, and marketing and new-economy expert Albert Van Zyl will look at it from a positioning point of view.

Athol Nourse, with – the world’s first broker-less financial trading platform, is a well known senior figure in the FX industry, having spent three years between 2014 and 2017 as General Manager of Think Markets, before becoming Managing Director of Champion FX.

FinanceFeeds Andrew Saks-McLeod will delve deep into the digital asset world from platform firm to end user – in person

Having spent over a decade in the online FX & CFD trading space and now moving into the crypto/blockchain space , Mr Nourse’s & Spectre;s vision was to create a platform which either matches traders against a decentralized autonomous liquidity pool (DALP) or other traders on the platform or network providing 24 hour liquidity and zero-opportunity for broker fraud.

Speaking today to Mr Nourse in the advent of the inaugural event in this series, FinanceFeeds gained perspective on his anticipation toward reaching a very important audience in South Africa.

“We look forward to building this strategic partnership with Finance-feeds. South Africa is a market which has experienced a-lot of online broker fraud over the years and Spectre is excited to have an opportunity to address that problem head on and make a huge impact by educating traders and IBs on the revolutionary trading benefits of the worlds first & only brokerless blockchain platform. We remain fully committed to eliminate broker fraud and to empower the traders through the power of the Blockchain.We feel its time to drain the swamp!” enthused Mr Nourse.

We look forward to welcoming South Africa’s digital asset enthusiasts on June 28 in Bryanston, which is a fantastic suburb of Johannesburg, Africa’s most important center for technology and commerce.

It is a very popular event and has a massive attendee list, so if you want to register, please sent an email to [email protected] and we will reply to confirm.

See you in Johannesburg!

Featured image: Bryanston Country Club, Bryanston, Gauteng South Africa

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