FXTM CEO Olga Rybalkina on game-changing brands, leadership and moving the global status quo

“People don’t buy what you make, they buy why you make it.” – Steve Jobs   Today, FinanceFeeds spoke to FXTM CEO Olga Rybalkina in order to gain perspective on how the FXTM brand has gained such presence, and where the company is heading in terms of innovation. FXTM is a very interesting brand especially […]


“People don’t buy what you make, they buy why you make it.” – Steve Jobs


Olga Rybalkina, CEO, FXTM

Today, FinanceFeeds spoke to FXTM CEO Olga Rybalkina in order to gain perspective on how the FXTM brand has gained such presence, and where the company is heading in terms of innovation.

FXTM is a very interesting brand especially with regard to its association with founder Andrey Dashin, a FX industry pioneer. How did it all start, and what was FXTM’s initial differentiating feature from its stablemates such as Alpari?

FXTM was established by Mr. Dashin as a game-changing brand, set up to challenge trader expectations and raise the bar in the forex industry. At this time the global economic crisis created a unique set of conditions within the forex industry and as a young and dynamic company, we were able to meet the needs of the evolving markets by fulfilling traders’ new demands and expectations.

Part of FXTM’s founding principle is to offer a time efficient trading experience, hence our tagline ‘Time is Money, Invest it wisely’. As such, we have differentiated ourselves from other brokers by providing innovative and client-centric products and services, tailored to the trading needs of the different markets.

Marketing and ensuring a unique approach to ensure that clients are not only engaged with the company but ‘excited’ about the brand and its being associated with it. As Steve Jobs once said “People don’t buy what you make, they buy why you make it.” FXTM has very significant marketing visibility. Let’s have a close look at this.

Developing the brand and ensuring that our customers are excited about our products and services is really important. As such, a key part of our business is engaging with our clients, both online and offline, and demonstrating the real value we add to their trading experience.

This is not only about making traders aware of our high quality trading platform, but also the other important features which we offer such as: live and demo trading contests, educational resources including interactive online seminars, award-winning market analysis, and our ForexTime App. In order to meet our clients’ needs and to ensure that our brand is recognized around the world, our Team caters to clients in over 30 languages. Also, the FXTM website is available in 17 languages.

We also make sure that we meet with our clients in person wherever possible, by holding local educational seminars and workshops in various regions globally. These events are not only a great way for our clients to hear more about our products and services, but they also enable us to learn more about their trading needs and preferences.

In addition, FXTM is committed to providing its clients with complete transparency. That’s one of the reasons why our performance statistics are verified and published on our website. This enables both new and existing clients to get a full view of the kind of trading conditions and service FXTM strives for and prides itself on.

What brought you to FXTM and what has your journey with the company been like so far?

One of the elements which I enjoy the most about the world of forex is that it is a constant challenge and that it’s always evolving. This is one of the main reasons why I was attracted to FXTM, as from the outset I saw it could be a real innovator within the industry.

Having been the CEO since the founding of the company, it has been a great experience to witness FXTM’s exponential growth and see the company go from strength to strength.

In the space of four years FXTM has become a recognized authority within the industry, with an extensive international client base. Personally, seeing the company evolve to where it is today has been one of my key achievements, and I feel honored to have played a leading role in the team which has built the brand from the ground up.

However, the challenge does not stop here, and we look forward to building on these successes and expanding further over the coming years.

How does FXTM maintain a good relationship with prime brokerages, liquidity providers and vendors in order to give a good execution experience to traders who are attracted to the brand, whilst ensuring the capitalization is viable?

When building relationships with new partners, we make sure that we only select reputable and regulated banks, brokers and exchanges for liquidity, which we know uphold the highest standards in their working practices. By choosing partners who have the same ethos as ourselves towards providing a trusted and transparent service, we ensure that we always offer a flawless trading experience to our clients.

Establishing an office in London recently is of great interest. What regions will be served from London?

Our office, which is situated in the heart of London, will serve as a regional base offering UK and European private and institutional clients, access to the FXTM trading platforms, liquidity and trusted services, for which FXTM is internationally recognised. Having said that, clients from any other region are also welcomed to receive services from our UK office.

Our clients have always been our number one priority and with the opening of this new office we are able to provide the best possible trading experience by leveraging the resources of a true global financial centre such as London.

What new directions, new features and innovations does FXTM have on the cards for the remainder of the year?

2016 has gotten off to a great start and the rest of the year is set to follow suit. We have already launched two new products in the first quarter alone: FXTM Invest, our copy trading program, and the new Shares Account which enables the trading of CFDs on over 180 shares with direct pricing liquidity from the NASDAQ and NYSE.

During the rest of the year we look forward to further developing the ForexTime App with new additions for significant improvement in user experience.

We also plan on expanding our educational program, which we are particularly proud of, because we see that our educational resources add real value to our clients, enabling them to make better trading decisions. As ever, our new products and services will be complemented by our high quality customer service and fast execution speeds.

In terms of the strategic direction for the company, we look forward to continuing to expand our global footprint and in particular our reach within the UK and Europe, facilitated by the opening of our new London office.

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