GBP soars as bright independent future looms

With a trade deal yet an independent government, Britain could well be in the best position to see the Pound further bolstered. Meanwhile there is a volatility wave to be ridden by traders and brokers.


Britain’s struggle with coercive European bureaucrats during the past few days will likely turn out to be a worthwhile wrangling.

This morning, the British Pound, the world’s most valuable currency, has soared in value as a bright future looms for Britain, home to the largest and most important financial markets center on earth and the most powerful national economy in Europe by a very long way.

Britain is about to free itself from the shackles of European socialism, coercion and economic stagnation, as well as remove itself from the burden of having to sponsor destitute European Union member states with no economy, no modernity and which keep printing money to keep themselves fed.

The pound has hit $1.35 against the US Dollar after an EU diplomat told Reuters that a deal would be coming “today or tomorrow.”

The pound is up 0.8 of a per cent on the Euro, 1.27 per cent on the dollar and 1.05 per cent on the Japanese Yen, and Boris Johnson and Ursula von der Leyen are said to be in close contact on a possible deal.

This demonstrates the market confidence in an independent Britain, free to make its own political choices, away from the lockdown-obsessed pseudo-communist European Union which has foist its laws upon Britain for many years, doing tremendous damage to the wider British economy and keeping the investment banking sector of the City of London and Canary Wharf closed and empty for the most part of 2020 as China and the European Union have proxy control over British decision making.

A trade deal with Europe plus independent government and no need to pay vast sums of money into the European pot to keep its flagging medieval economy going and fund its socialist ‘big government’ methodology will be a very good combination.

With this type of market sentiment, it is clear that the traders and investors have similar opinions. In January, when socialist Joe Biden enters the White House and begins to lock America down, it could be possible that the Pound could become the world’s premier currency, something that has been hinted at more than once recently.

What is for sure is that market volatility is continuing, which can only be a good thing for FX brokerages worldwide.

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