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IG’s Japanese arm makes “No Slippage Order” available to all customers

Customers of IG Securities Limited can now make use of orders protected from slippage by paying a fee for the protection.

IG Securities Limited, the Japanese arm of IG Group Holdings plc (LON:IGG), has announced the launch of a “No Slippage Order” for all of its customers.

As the name of the offer suggests, this type of order protects the trade from any slippage. Slippage occurs sometimes when an order is executed, depending on market movements. As a result, traders might not get the exact price on which they intended to deal and the price achieved could be worse. Slippage is the difference in points between the desired price and the price actually dealt on.

An old version of this order type used to be available to owners of corporate accounts with IG Securities only but now this service is available to all of the clients of the broker. The new order type will be available for trading Forex and CFDs.

Is there a catch? There is a fee (premium) to be paid in exchange for the guaranteed protection against slippage.

Meanwhile, IG has continued enhancing the capabilities of its new web trading platform whose rollout started in phases towards the end of 2016, with UK spreadbetting clients of the company being the first to get access to the platform in January 2017. After receiving encouraging feedback from its clients, IG has continued with the rollout and the addition of new features.

In May this year, the web platform saw a set of enhancements that simplified work with signals and watchlists, whereas the number of drawing tools was increased thanks to the newly added functionalities. In response to client requests, IG has added Fibonacci extensions to the new platform charts. Earlier in May, IG introduced an array of improvements to the platform focusing on simplifying the trading process and cutting the time for working with order tickets, as well as on making trading more precise.

IG is also planning to add a variety of new instruments to the platform. The “Coming Soon” page shows that the launch of Digital 100s is scheduled for June/July, whereas the addition of CFDs is scheduled for July/August. There is still no clarity on the launch of Options, but a representative of the company has said that these may be live near the end of the Summer.

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