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Score Priority Corp. , which owns Lime and which is a company for the retail and institutional trading community, announced today that it was furthering its existing partnership with BestEx Research, a company that focuses on execution algorithms.

Clearstream was founded as “Cedel” (Centrale de Livraison de Valeurs Mobilières) in September 1970 by 66 of the world’s major financial institutions as a clearing organization to minimize risk in the settlement of cross-border securities trading, particularly in the growing Eurobond market.

The last two rounds of investment in Advanced Markets Group was a major capital boost in 2010 led by GFI Group, and another in 2007 made by Macquarie Group. Advanced Markets will continue to operate as an independent business under its current brand and leadership.

George Govier, who had earlier been working with Goldman Sachs as a full time analyst in its listed derivatives section, has joined United Fintech in a full time role.

The global IPO market for 2021 is expected to be an excellent year for new issues. The momentum from 2020 is set to continue until late this year. Despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the amount of investment raised by new issues has been at its highest since 2010, nearly a decade ago.

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