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MiFID II and the demise of the IB

“Spreads tight as they are will become tighter. In the real world it’s the false spread on the B- Book operators actually causes the client to lose. If the client is marked up the the chance of the Client losing is even greater” says Meir Velenski as he disseminates the IB model and how MiFID II could see an end to it.

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“There is almost no business that takes place over the internet at the moment, and there never has been” – A detailed look at market connectivity

B book firms with no contact with customers and an automated model have more than stirred the attention of regulators with regard to how customers are onboarded automatically, as the correct asset class and trading environment for their risk attitude, as well as the ability to know the client and establish identity – a very important compliance requirement – is very ambiguous. We look at market connectivity and how it all works

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MetaTrader 4’s imminent discontinuation: The ambiguity and the fallout researched

“It is almost impossible at present for many brokerages to know whether they will have to completely start from scratch with new MetaTrader 5 platforms and a single server and if so, will this fit within the ideology of the brokerage in terms of product range and marketing. For example, some smaller brokers opt for MetaTrader 4 simply due to its EA compatibility so that they can onboard MAM accounts in Asia.”

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2018 from the top: We speak to the FX industry’s leaders on the important topics of this year

There is an evolution within the OTC derivatives sector, and it is most evident that the most recognized FX service providers and institutional vendors are maintaining their remit to continue an evolutionary stance which has marked the OTC sector out as an innovator across all aspects of this business. We speak to those at the very top on what the important components of the business will focus on this year.

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It’s about time! Mainstream regulators ignore FX education and course providers, but now the good is being separated from the bad

“Our experience shows us that dishonest educational and software schemes that pop-up individually are short lived and as such, do not survive as the amount of  traders’ losses accumulates. As I mentioned before, with the lack of regulatory provisions to tackle the issue, the Commission will continue to do it’s part and provide guidance and notices to traders and the industry on educational providers that is deems to be engaging in misleading or fraudulent activity.” – Nikolai Isayev, COO, The Financial Commission

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FinanceFeeds detailed review of 2017 – April to June. Spotting slippage, American resurgence, prime brokerage expansion, broker accountability and MiFID II

As 2017 draws to a close, we look at the important details that shaped the industry this year, continuing with April to June as the first part in a four part series this week. FinanceFeeds remains committed to detailed reporting from within the industry’s major centers and continuing to work closely with the most important companies that shape the entire future of this business internationally.

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Podcast: BIG changes for retail traders. MiFID II, Chinese government crackdown and the right and proper way to run an FX business

Around the world in 30 minutes with FinanceFeeds CEO Andrew Saks-McLeod. Don’t want your client base being viewed publicly? Don’t want to get blocked from certain regions? We also look at why small firms that do not structure their operations properly have no future. Here is a very opinionated explanation on what faces retail FX globally, and how to get it right.