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Interview with Match-Prime & Match-Trade Technologies at the iFX EXPO: The winning combination of liquidity and technology

2021 has been a very fast-paced year. Many opportunities have arisen from the exploding retail and institutional trading momentum. 

In such a competitive industry, brokers need to up their game regularly, and there is plenty of new solutions that cater to the needs and wants of markets and businesses. It is an excellent time to be in this industry.

Match-Trade needs no introduction. The well-established technology provider caters to Forex and Crypto brokers, as well as ECN venues and Liquidity Providers. The firm has recently opened an office in Cyprus, based in what is known to be the capital of Forex trading, Limassol, in order to further expand in Europe and the MENA region. Match-Prime, led by Mr. Kapsos, is a CySEC regulated Liquidity Provider operating in Nicosia since 2020. 

The two companies have formed a strategic partnership and attended the expo together to show prospective clients how the combination of liquidity and proprietary technology can help boost the growth of Broker’s business and bring a new quality of services to the market.

Nikolai Isayev, Editor-In-Chief at FinanceFeeds, spoke with them about liquidity, technology, crypto, the offering and new products, and the value of doing business face to face. 

“Liquidity is a vital aspect for brokers. We’re totally aware of this”, Mr. Kapsos started off, adding that in order to meet clients’ high expectations, the firm tries to stay one step ahead of the market, focusing on expanding instruments’ offering before a new hype starts. “If a client wants something specific, our development team does research on the product to see if it is possible to go forward with it. Usually, we get the green light from Match-Trade IT guys”, said the CEO of Match-Prime Liquidity. 

The multi-asset offer features more than 1,000 trading instruments available on a single account, including equities. For Brokers who wish to test the liquidity solution, Match-Prime has prepared a fast-track onboarding with a three-month free trial period.  

The LP’s well-established partnership with Match-Trade Technologies allows their liquidity clients to access market data from ultra-low latency feeds and a possibility to connect via Match-Trade’s MT4/MT5 bridge free of charge. 

And, since Match-Trade develops its technology in-house, it works seamlessly, runs faster, and is more efficient in order to ensure one of the best execution services. “It’s our own technology, we can expand it the way we need cause no third-party system limits us”, said Mrs Kulikova.

That’s why the cooperation of Match-Trade’s proprietary technology and Match-Prime’s liquidity is a winning combination. “Liquidity itself is very demanding. It must be delivered with the best technology available”, Mr. Kapsos concluded. 

Match-Prime’s liquidity solution is based on Match-Trader PRO – an institutional platform created by Match-Trade’s experts. “This strategic partnership equally benefits both of our companies. Match-Prime is working closely with our platform developers and support team to offer their clients the flexibility that only proprietary technology can provide. Whereas, we as a technology provider can add regulated liquidity to the hub of solutions we offer to forex brokers”, Svetlana Kulikova continued. 

Svetlana Kulikova then spoke about the new Cyprus office, which was opened in August to address the growing number of clients in the region. 

Although remote work has become more productive than ever thanks to new technologies, the pandemic has proven that physical presence makes a difference. 

“People got tired of communicating via a screen. Face-to-face meetings are always more efficient and allow us to better understand what clients are looking for. The iFX EXPO is a statement to that. Everybody is happy here”, Mrs. Kulikova explained, noting that both companies were waiting to attend a physical expo in Europe.

The Match-Prime executives like to visit clients to catch up with them as part of proactive customer support. “You’re not just selling. You’re growing with them. Our Head of Trading is on top of everything, having his finger on the pulse. It is important that we treat the client’s business as our own”, Kapsos echoed her.

As for new products available at Match-Trade, Mrs. Kulikova mentioned the internal Match-Trader platform, the firm’s complete white label solution for brokers with Client Office and CRM already integrated with a very effective proprietary payment solution. 

As the interview came to a close, Mrs. Kulikova and Mr. Kapsos said they plan to do two more trading conferences this year after having attended five during the pandemic. “It’s great to be back”. 

Andreas Kapsos has become a prominent figure in the industry, being featured in magazine covers and such. “How does it feel to be sort of a star?”, Nikolai jokingly asked. 

“I wouldn’t call myself a star”, Mr. Kapsos said. “We only want people to know who we are, to know who’s behind this and make ourselves available to them”, he said, emphasizing they are very approachable, via office and even personal phone number. 

The trading industry has become more competitive than ever thus, a synergy between technology and liquidity can provide FX brokers with an edge. 

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