Interview: The key to risk management with Michael Hewson of CMC Markets

Interview: The key to risk management with Michael Hewson of CMC Markets

CMC Markets Chief Market Analyst Michael Hewson takes a look at how risk and reward can be assessed in a detailed interview

Michael Hewson is Chief Market Analyst at CMC Markets.

Mr. Hewson has been a prominent figure within busy trading floors since 1988, and has a particular interest in charts and technical analysis.

Over the last 28 years, he has experienced the real highs and lows of trading, from trading currencies at CBA to teaching students the finer points of charts and technical analysis as well as the importance of using effective risk management.


At CMC Markets, Mr. Hewson comments on the daily movements in financial markets, as well as produces specific research pieces that have relevance to events at the time. These summaries and research pieces are also made available to the media as well as CMC Markets clients.

A very familiar face globally, Mr. Hewson appears regularly on BBC News, CNN, Bloomberg and CNBC as well as on a number of overseas networks including Fox Business, CBS and Canada’s CTV and BNN.

Today, in a special FinanceFeeds collaboration with traders Owen Roberts and Tom Constable from TwoBlokesTrading, Mr. Hewson goes into great detail about risk vs reward in the retail FX markets, taking an analytical approach and putting it into practice in the real market.

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