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Introducing the Dual Mode Nexo Card: A Pioneering Collaboration Between Nexo and Mastercard

The revolutionary Dual Mode Nexo Card, a product of the synergistic partnership between digital asset leader Nexo and global payment giant Mastercard, embodies the future of cryptocurrency transactions. This unique card epitomizes user-centric innovation, merging top-tier technology with unparalleled ease of use.

A Seamless Merge of Credit and Debit Functions

Feedback from the crypto community has been instrumental in shaping this unique offering. Users now have the luxury to seamlessly switch between debit for everyday expenses and credit for significant purchases, all through a singular card.

Setting a New Standard in Financial Flexibility

Gone are the days of juggling between multiple credit cards or distinct accounts. The Dual Mode Nexo Card streamlines spending, allowing users to swiftly choose between credit and debit. And while you pay, your balance grows by up to a 9% annual interest – a pioneering feature in crypto.

Bridging Traditional and Crypto Finance

While blockchain technology has made significant strides, the broader adoption of cryptocurrency still needs challenges, from limited merchant acceptances to the complexities of multiple platforms. The Dual Mode card, a product of Nexo’s comprehensive crypto platform and Mastercard’s and DiPocket’s extensive infrastructure, directly addresses these issues, crafting an experience tailored for the modern crypto enthusiast.

Card Highlights:

Dynamic Switching: Whether for daily expenses or significant purchases, effortlessly toggle between credit and debit via the Nexo app.

Smooth Transactions: Utilize your stablecoin balance in EUR, USD, and GBP or withdraw up to €10,000 monthly without any charges.

Local Currency Payments: Enjoy the convenience of transacting at over 100 million global merchants while evading foreign transaction fees.

Optimized Earnings: Even without spending, your balance accrues up to 9% interest annually, disbursed daily.

Secure Spending: Rely on Nexo’s robust fraud detection mechanism and round-the-clock support for a secure spending experience.

Nexo’s Co-founder and Managing Partner, Antoni Trenchev, commented on this trailblazing venture, “This collaboration with Mastercard not only fortifies Nexo’s standing in the crypto space but also underscores our collective endeavor to continually raise the bar in financial services, catering to our global clientele.”

Augmenting Mastercard and DiPocket’s existing infrastructure, the Nexo Card provides up to 2% crypto rewards on credit purchases, zero fees, and compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay.

With additional perks like 2% crypto rewards on credit mode purchases, zero fees, and compatibility with Apple Pay and Google Pay, the Nexo Card redefines how we perceive financial instruments.

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