Thursday, June 20, 2024
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InvestoPro taps Samsung to accelerate trading app’s expansion in Europe

AnalytixInsight Inc. has unveiled its latest milestone in partnership with Samsung Electronics Italia.

The company’s subsidiary, InvestoPro SIM, has developed and launched the InvestoPro GO app on both Google Play and Apple App Store, specifically targeting Italian users.

What sets this app apart is its prominent positioning on Samsung mobile devices, thanks to a definitive agreement announced by  AnalytixInsight back on November 21, 2022.

InvestoPro GO on Samsung Wallet

Samsung has taken a proactive role in promoting the InvestoPro GO app by recommending it as an essential download during the initial device setup process.

Users will find the app conveniently located and easily accessible on their Samsung devices, making it seamless for them to embark on their trading journey. These recommendations can be personalized based on factors such as age and gender, enhancing the user experience.

The InvestoPro GO app doesn’t stop at device recommendations. It is also featured prominently on Samsung Wallet, Samsung’s mobile payment, and digital wallet app. Users of Samsung Wallet can effortlessly access and download the InvestoPro GO app, ensuring that the trading platform reaches a broader audience.

The deployment of the InvestoPro GO app is expected to generate substantial interest among users who prefer to trade on their mobile devices. The app brings financial news, quotes, and global market insights directly to users’ fingertips.

This strategic partnership has already proven successful, with the InvestoPro GO trading platform launched exclusively on Samsung Internet Browser. Users can easily access InvestoPro GO services through an icon on the browser’s homepage, offering a seamless experience for trading enthusiasts.

InvestoPro in Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and the UK

Prakash Hariharan, Chairman and CEO of AnalytixInsight and board member of MarketWall and InvestoPro SIM, commented: “We continue to develop bespoke InvestoPro applications under our Samsung partnership. We have worked extensively with Samsung on the development and integration of InvestoPro and we are working to position InvestoPro as a leading digital trading platform in Europe. Samsung has a substantial market share of mobile users in Europe, and we are proud to partner with them to promote InvestoPro to their sizable customer base.”

Giovanni Locatelli, Platform Innovation Manager at Samsung Electronics Italy, commented: “We continually try to offer our customers the easiest way to find the contents they wish, such as the financial contents provided by InvestoPro.”

InvestoPro SIM’s expansion plans encompass reaching Samsung users in Spain, Germany, France, and the UK, marking a significant step in their initiative to provide a cutting-edge digital stock trading platform.

This platform leverages the power of AI and machine learning to offer comprehensive coverage of various financial instruments traded globally, including stocks, bonds, commodities, and ETFs.

InvestoPro GO’s collaboration with Samsung underscores the growing importance of mobile trading and accessibility in the financial world. With this app poised for further expansion, users across Europe can look forward to an enhanced trading experience, powered by the synergy between AnalytixInsight and Samsung.

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