Live from Devexperts webinar on mobile trading for FX/CFD brokers

Rick Steves

Live today from the Devexperts webinar “How FX/CFD Brokers Engage Traders with the Best Mobile User Experience”. Branding, app customization, third-party integration, ranking in the app store are only a few of a never-ending list of issues a broker must take care of to make sure its mobile trading offering doesn’t backfire. This calls for serious planning.

Register here to join the webinar. VP Business Development Ben Clark is hosting the session. Sergey Afanasiev, Head of Mobile Development Department, will handle the technical side of the matter. The webinar starts at 11:00 GMT.

The webinar will focus on Devexperts’ DXtrade Mobile trading app, featuring a modern and intuitive UI, low-latency data feed, interactive charts, third-party integration, and fast deployment.

Mobile trading has grown in popularity in recent years to the point it became indispensable for the trading industry. The lifestyle changes and mass retail adoption amid the COVID-19 pandemic made sure there is no going back.

Mobile Trading Applications are predicted to be the most influential in shaping the future of trading over the next 12 months, ahead of AI and machine learning, according to the 2021 fixed income, currency, and commodity (FICC) e-trading survey conducted by J.P. Morgan.

Any competent FX/CFD trading offering will always include mobile trading. It is a given. The question now is how to engage traders with the best mobile user experience. The webinar has begun.

Ben Clark started by pointing out Devexperts’ position within the trading industry. A 19-year fintech with +600 staff that focuses on custom financial software development, namely retail and institutional trading platforms.

The Devexperts mobile app allows facial recognition for the login. Once Mr. Clark showed his face to the mobile camera, the app opened a condensed view of the trading instruments that can be zoomed to specific assets.

Mr. Clark highlighted how simple and intuitive the mobile app is. The charting can be zoomed in and out with two fingers and can be viewed both vertically and horizontally.

Watchlist, portfolio, studies, orders (Mr. Clark is shorting the EUR/USD), a news feed, are a few of the features presented during the webinar.

Mr. Clark claimed that from other vendors, brokers don’t have a direct link to the app store. Devexperts offers that feature.

Bespoke data protocol, 15 asset classes supported, multi-language, source code licensing, iOS and Android. The mobile app is “super intuitive” and stable. It doesn’t crash, Mr. Clark said. It allows integration with third-parties such as KYC and CRMs.

Devexperts offers a white label solution so that brokers can have their own branding. In sum, the mobile app features authentication, account, news, order entry, portfolio, watchlist, charting, and notifications. It’s time for Q&A. 

Do you embed client onboarding and tax collection?
Sergey Afanasiev: Client onboarding is part of the CRM solution which can be embedded into the app.

Why do you consider the UI as the best in the industry? 
Sergey Afanasiev: There are definitely different niches in the market. There’s a trend for simplicity such as Robinhood, but also demand for feature-heavy apps. Devexperts aims for the sweet spot, in between both extremes.

What are the main differences between the app and MT4/MT5?
Sergey Afanasiev: The MT4/MT5 apps don’t allow for customization nor branding. Every new trader is faced with the option to change brokers anytime he/she wants.

Are the indicators in line with TradinView indicators?
Sergey Afanasiev: We might have differences, but overall we provide most industry-standard indicators.

Can it be integrated with the MT4/MT5?
Sergey Afanasiev: Yes, but it is a custom solution.

What about the low-latency data feed?
Sergey Afanasiev: That depends on the amount of data the client has subscribed to. The data service consumption is really low. Lower than anything you see on the market.

Will there be an option to make personal chart edits?
Sergey Afanasiev: Settings and drawing tools can be integrated. They have been with some of our clients and it’s something we can do for client integration.

What languages are offered in the default version?
Sergey Afanasiev: English, German, Chinese, and a few more. But we provide translations for the markets our clients are interested in.

Can external products offered by brokers be linked for customer integration?
Sergey Afanasiev: If it is a custom solution, definitely yes.

Can we embed our own app and analytics from our own product?
Sergey Afanasiev: Yes.

Is there a signup option using the app rather than using the web browser?
Sergey Afanasiev: It’s part of our offering that is not included by our default solution, but yes.

How about API integration?
Sergey Afanasiev: We are integrating in-house with APIs provided by the broker, but we will be happy to discuss any other types of collaboration.

Any other comments and questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Devexperts, said the moderator.

That’s all for today. Mr. Clark and Mr. Afanasiev presented the DXtrade Mobile and explained how different it is from other mobile trading apps, and named key points of differentiation:

  1. Modern and intuitive UI: with configurable push notifications and alerts
  2. High performance: Devexperts’s proprietary data transfer protocol provides a low-latency data feed
  3. White-Labeling: use the broker’s logo, brand colors, and rename the mobile platform
  4. Interactive charts: 80+ indicators and a wide range of analysis features
  5. Integration freedom: DXTrade Mobile can be easily integrated with KYC/AML/CRM/payment providers and 3rd party client portals
  6. Fast deployment: white-label DXtrade SaaS, or use it as a mobile frontend for an existing trading backend

DXtrade Mobile is available for iOS and Android and features a Watchlist, Charting, Order Entry, Positions, Portfolio, biometric authentication, and other widgets. The white-label offering includes a full set of OTC asset classes: Forex, CFDs on Equities, Futures, Indices, Commodities, and Cryptocurrencies.


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