OctaFX Rebrands as Octa and Launches a Global Campaign: “Trading Made Clear”

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OctaFX unveils a new identity as Octa and initiates a worldwide campaign with the slogan “Trading Made Clear.” Discover what this transformation means for traders.

Leading international brokerage firm OctaFX has officially rebranded itself as Octa, marking a significant milestone in its journey. Accompanying this transformation is the launch of a far-reaching global promotional campaign, encapsulated by the motto “Trading Made Clear.” Here’s a closer look at what these developments signify for traders worldwide.

Octa Global – Trading made clear

In a statement from Octa’s press office, they emphasized the company’s adaptability in response to evolving financial landscapes. “Our commitment to meeting our clients’ diverse needs has driven us to expand our product offerings extensively over the years. As we now provide a versatile range of financial instruments, including commodities, stock indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies, we believe it’s time to shed the ‘FX’ from our name and embrace the future.”

The campaign’s launch also stems from Octa’s unwavering dedication to making trading accessible and comprehensible for all. “We firmly believe that the world of finance should not be shrouded in confusion. Therefore, our campaign’s central theme is clarity, a fundamental principle guiding our role as a broker, assisting our clients in achieving their financial aspirations,” explained Octa’s press office.

Hinting at broader transformations ahead, the press office suggested that the name change is part of a comprehensive process aimed at enhancing Octa’s standing in the ever-evolving industry.

Highlighted below are key aspects of Octa’s ongoing transformation:

  1. Trading Platform: Octa remains committed to evolving its cutting-edge trading platform, OctaTrader. This platform aims to seamlessly integrate all essential trading elements, including expert analytics, deposit and withdrawal facilities, and profile management options.
  2. Educational Resources: Octa will strengthen its educational offerings, providing clients access to an abundance of articles, webinars, and professional guidance to navigate the world of finance effectively.
  3. Expert Analytics: Octa is currently developing a unique analytical hub that will provide clients with comprehensive information, all within an integrated trading system.

Octa assures clients that these changes will be introduced gradually, ensuring a seamless transition without affecting their existing investments or account accessibility.

About Octa

Octa, formerly known as OctaFX, is a well-established international brokerage firm that has been offering online trading services since 2011. With more than 42 million trading accounts and a presence in 180 countries, Octa provides commission-free access to global financial markets. Their commitment extends beyond trading, encompassing a range of charitable and humanitarian initiatives aimed at improving educational infrastructure and supporting local communities. Octa has earned over 60 awards, including the prestigious “Best Online Broker Global 2022” from World Business Outlook and the “Best Global Broker Asia 2022” from International Business Magazine

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