OneCoin victims drop complaint against two defendants in US lawsuit

Maria Nikolova

The victims have filed a motion to dismiss their claims against Irina Andreeva Dilinska and Sebastian Greenwood.

Victims of OneCoin who are suing the fraudulent cryptocurrency scheme and a number of individuals linked to it have decided to drop their claims against two of the defendants in the lawsuit brought at the New York Southern District Court.

On February 28, 2020, the plaintiffs filed a notice of voluntary dismissal as to defendants Irina Andreeva Dilinska and Sebastian Greenwood.

Let’s recall who these defendants are.

Irina Andreeva Dilinska served as the head of OneCoin’s legal and compliance department. She functioned as a high-level executive, promoter, and spokesperson for the OneCoin organization on all matters relating to investigations into OneCoin’s operations by various countries and enforcement bodies throughout her tenure. Additionally, Dilinska served on the board alongside Mark Scott of at least two investment funds used to launder proceeds obtained from the OneCoin Investment Programs.

Sebastian Greenwood is believed to be domiciled in Sweden. He is a co-founder of OneCoin, has been described as the “public face of OneCoin,” served as an affiliate/recruiter for the OneCoin Investment Programs, and successfully solicited hundreds if not thousands of OneCoin investors in the United States and abroad through social media sites and public appearances.

Greenwood, along with Ruja Ignatova, had previously created BigCoin in early-2014, the predecessor of OneCoin.

Greenwood’s expertise was in the area of marketing, and he played a key role in devising the multi-level marketing structure of the OneCoin Investment Programs as well as organizing its worldwide army of recruiters/promoters and preparing the sales materials they used to lure investors to deposit funds with OneCoin.

In their notice of dismissal filed with the Court on February 28, 2020, the plaintiffs state that this action shall be dismissed without prejudice against Greenwood and Dilinska.

The Notice of Voluntary Dismissal is not intended to have any effect on any claims asserted by any other parties to this litigation, or the defenses to those claims. Likewise, the dismissal of the plaintiffs’ claims without prejudice as to Greenwood and Dilinska will have no impact or effect on the ability of any plaintiff or putative class member to file a complaint asserting any claims against Greenwood or Dilinska in the future; as neither Greenwood nor Dilinska have filed an answer or a motion for summary judgment in response to the claims lodged against them in this action.

Moreover, no class has been certified in the action.

The Notice of Voluntary Dismissal was reviewed and referred to Judge Valerie E. Caproni for approval.

As FinanceFeeds has reported, the plaintiffs in this case represent all individuals and entities who transferred to the OneCoin defendants, directly or indirectly, any fiat currency or cryptocurrency to invest in OneCoin Trader Packages or OneCoins from April 2014 through to and including March 2018 and who suffered financial injury as a result thereof.

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