Sunday, June 23, 2024
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HomeExecutive MovesOneMarketData promotes Peter Simpson to Product Owner of OneTick
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OneMarketData promotes Peter Simpson to Product Owner of OneTick

The tick data management and analytics specialist chose Peter Simpson for his expertise obtained throughout a lengthy career in large banks, brokers, fund managers and exchanges in London and New York.

Peter Simpson specializes in stream processing, tick history and visual analytics, and has deep experience providing effective trading analytics. He’s been promoted to OneTick Product Owner after three years at OneMarketData.

Prior to OneMarketData, he held several senior roles including VP of Product at Datawatch Panopticon, Senior Manager of Analytics at Deloitte UK, and 10 years in various roles at HSBC Global Markets.

The technologist will be responsible for ensuring OneTick products expand and evolve to keep up with ever-changing customer needs.

“We must continue to innovate”

Ross Dubin, SVP, Global Head of Sales of OneMarketData, said: “OneMarketData understands that as our customer base grows, we need to keep ahead of their changing needs – from tick data management to execution quality analytics and trade surveillance. In today’s ever-changing trading landscape, we must continue to innovate in a way that provides customers with the most cost effective and efficient solutions possible.

“The OneTick platform has consistently evolved over the years as we’ve worked to deliver analytics on fragmented markets, bolster the platform to handle massive spikes in volatility and market data volumes, and provide our customers easy access to data. We have expanded maintenance and analysis of order books to support crypto markets, and we know that more customers are not just using OneTick for historic analytics, but also combining back testing with real time stream processing. With the varied ways our customers now use the OneTick platform, there was a clear need for an experienced Product Owner to oversee our expanding product portfolio. We are thrilled that Peter Simpson has taken on the role and know his expertise will be invaluable for OneTick in our next phase of growth.”

Peter Simpson, OneTick Product Owner at OneMarketData, added: “For years OneMarketData has proven it is one of the most innovative and responsive providers of analytical software to capital markets firms, and I’m thrilled to work with this talented group as I take on the role of OneTick Product Owner.

“Our commitment to collaborating with our clients to meet their specific trading requirements is what drives OneTick’s product development team. I’m excited to work closely with each client to understand how we can continue to improve our offerings to better support their trading and surveillance goals.”

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