Orbs Launches Its Liquidity Hub on Polygon zkEVM With Quickswap Integration


Layer 3 blockchain Orbs has announced that its Liquidity Hub has expanded to Polygon zkEVM following an integration with Quickswap. The move will provide Quickswap traders with access to liquidity sourced from Polygon zkEVM.

The integration of Orbs Liquidity Hub with Quickswap will enable onchain traders to enjoy deeper liquidity, allowing them to execute swaps with minimal slippage. The Liquidity Hub will also provide Polygon zkEVM users with reduced transaction fees, protection against Maximal Extractable Value (MEV), transaction executions without gas fees, and a streamlined user interface.

By supplying a combination of on- and off-chain liquidity sources, the Liquidity Hub brings CEX-level liquidity to DEXs, resulting in an optimum user experience. Developed by layer 3 blockchain Orbs, the Liquidity Hub is fully decentralized and composable. This makes it suitable for integration into third-party protocols and networks.

The Liquidity Hub operates as layer 3 infrastructure that sits atop the AMM it is integrated with. As a result, users are no longer constrained by the liquidity that a particular DEX can offer. The Hub adds additional liquidity sources including third-party solvers who compete to fill swaps using onchain liquidity such as AMM pools or their own private inventory.

Orbs Liquidity Hub is designed to obtain the best possible pricing. In the event of the Hub being unable to execute the trade at a better price than the AMM, the transaction will return to the AMM contract and execute as usual. This process is abstracted from the perspective of the end user, who can be assured of receiving the best possible price within the UI of the AMM they are accustomed to.

The integration of Orbs Liquidity Hub into Quickswap on Polygon zkEVM follows similar integrations by Quickswap on Polygon and THENA on BNB Chain. The Liquidity Hub provides vital infrastructure for EVM networks, allowing liquidity to be directed to where it’s needed instantly, resulting in better pricing and enhanced user experience.

About Orbs

Orbs is an open, decentralized and public blockchain infrastructure executed by a secure network of permissionless validators. Orbs’ decentralized execution layer operates between existing L1/L2 solutions and the application layer, forming a tiered blockchain stack that avoids the need to move liquidity onto a new chain. In addition to developing best-in-class blockchain solutions, Orbs supports projects whose goals and values align with its vision for web3.

Learn more: https://www.orbs.com/

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