Participate in Binance World Championship for Exciting Rewards

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Binance, a global blockchain ecosystem trusted by over 190 million users, is excited to announce the launch of the Binance World Championship. With a rewards pool exceeding $4.2 million, this event celebrates Binance’s users and community.


New and existing users are encouraged to learn about crypto, participate in campaigns, showcase their trading skills, and earn rewards. This championship marks a significant milestone in Binance’s history, highlighting the platform’s commitment to fostering an engaging and rewarding environment for its users.

Over the next few months, several global sporting events will capture the world’s attention, uniting people in friendly competition. Inspired by these events, the Binance World Championship combines the excitement of competition with the vast possibilities of crypto. The championship starts today and runs for three weeks, concluding on June 25, 2024. This initiative aims to bring together the thrilling excitement of competitions with the innovative world of cryptocurrency, offering participants a unique opportunity to engage with the platform in a dynamic way.

The Binance World Championship includes three skill-based tournaments and three exclusive promotions across Binance’s extensive ecosystem. Participants, ranging from newcomers to experienced traders, can join their chosen activities, complete tasks, and compete for attractive rewards. This inclusive approach ensures that users of all experience levels can participate and benefit from the championship’s offerings. The tournaments feature distinct prize pools and requirements, tailored to different aspects of trading and engagement within the platform.

Tournaments and Prize Pools

  1. Spot Tournament:
    • Participants are required to complete spot-related tasks and compete in trading volumes.
    • The tournament offers a $1.2 million prize pool, providing ample opportunities for participants to earn significant rewards.
  2. Futures Grand Tournament:
    • This tournament includes both solo and team competitions.
    • Participants can compete for a chance to share up to $3 million in rewards, making it one of the most lucrative opportunities within the championship.
  3. Convert Tournament:
    • Participants need to trade the next day’s top-performing assets.
    • The tournament features a daily 500 USDC reward pool, with a total of 12,000 USDC available to be won over the course of the championship.

Exclusive Promotions

In addition to the tournaments, Binance users can enjoy three exclusive promotions during this three-week period:

  1. Earn Promotion:
    • Users can subscribe to Simple Earn’s Flexible and Locked Products.
    • The promotion offers up to $100,000 in rewards, encouraging users to explore Binance’s savings and investment products.
  2. Buy Crypto Promotion:
    • New users who complete their first crypto purchase or fiat deposit using the ‘Buy Crypto’ feature can share 15,000 USDT in rewards.
    • This promotion aims to onboard new users and provide them with a rewarding start to their crypto journey.
  3. Cross-Product Promotion:
    • Participants need to trade at least $100 on Convert, Spot, and Futures each.
    • They stand a chance to win 1 BNB, promoting engagement across different trading products within Binance’s ecosystem.

Rachel Conlan, Chief Marketing Officer at Binance, shared: “With the launch of the first-ever Binance World Championship, we are excited to be celebrating our users and uplifting community excellence. Echoing the camaraderie and competitive spirit integral to sports, this championship aims to offer engaging and enriching experiences to all our users – from novices to the veterans of the crypto world. We are not only giving our community a chance to enhance their understanding of crypto but also recognizing their unwavering support through rewarding opportunities.”

“As the championship unfolds over the coming weeks, we look forward to seeing our users showcase their skills and knowledge. Our hope is that they will further discover and unlock the expansive possibilities of crypto during this process,” added Rachel.

Binance is a leading global blockchain ecosystem behind the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and registered users. Trusted by over 190 million people in more than 100 countries, Binance is renowned for its industry-leading security, transparency, trading engine speed, and investor protections. The platform offers an unmatched portfolio of digital asset products and services, ranging from trading and finance to education, research, social good, payments, institutional services, and Web3 features.

Binance is dedicated to building an inclusive crypto ecosystem to increase the freedom of money and financial access for people worldwide. Through its comprehensive range of offerings, Binance aims to make cryptocurrency accessible and beneficial to a diverse global audience. The platform’s commitment to innovation and user-centric services has cemented its position as a trusted and influential player in the blockchain industry.

The Binance World Championship is a testament to the platform’s ongoing efforts to engage its community and reward users for their participation and loyalty. By combining the excitement of global sporting events with the innovative world of cryptocurrency, Binance is creating a unique and rewarding experience for its users. This championship not only celebrates the achievements of its participants but also highlights the potential of crypto to bring people together in a spirit of friendly competition and collaboration.

In conclusion, the Binance World Championship offers a comprehensive and inclusive opportunity for users to engage with the platform, showcase their skills, and earn substantial rewards. With its extensive prize pools, diverse tournaments, and exclusive promotions, the championship is set to be a landmark event in Binance’s history, reinforcing its commitment to its users and the broader crypto community

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