Paypal brings Zettle terminal to the UK

Karthik Subramanian

Paypal has launched the all-in-one point of sale (POS) terminal called Zettle in the UK in what is seen as a push towards offline and online payment integration so that the businesses would be able to view and reconcile their accounts in a single place.


The big advantage of the Zettle terminal is that it is mobile and so the payments and the transactions are not tied down to a single place. It has a built-in SIM which means that it would be able to work with any connections and Wifi anywhere which will be extremely useful for companies and businesses which have to settle payments in different places or even do payment settlements in user residences as well. So, it is not necessary that the payment process has to happen at the store or the shop, and rather than settling the payment at where the store is, the payment settlement can happen where the customer is which would greatly help businesses in providing a variety of services.

“Our work to help small businesses compete and grow has never been more important,” said PayPal Senior Vice President of Payments and SMB Solutions Jim Magats. “With the Zettle Terminal, we will help small businesses sell seamlessly across in-person and online channels and offer them flexibility throughout the checkout process so they can meet their customers wherever they are. The Zettle Terminal is a complete, mobile in-store solution that will take in-person commerce to the next level.”

The company also has plans to bring in a bar code scanner somewhere in 2022 in what is seen as a big push towards digital payments. This industry has been growing extremely fast ever since the advent of the pandemic and the user base of many of the digital payment companies has grown manifold and so has the number of startups involved in this space. This has forced the likes of Paypal to pull up their socks and get into innovating and growing in this space which it is doing at a rapid pace after many years as this is needed for the survival of all players in this industry. With funds being poured into this industry by the investors, it is a race to grow and expand and capture userbase for small and large companies alike and this is what we are seeing at the moment.

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