Paypal introduces omnichannel solution Paypal Zettle in the US

Karthik Subramanian

Paypal has announced the introduction of its digital in-person and omnichannel solution, Paypal Zettle, in the US which would help small businesses to seamlessly integrate the Paypal system into their payments systems and provide them with a solution that gives the user the same experience across multiple channels.


With the explosive growth in the payments systems across the world with most platforms seeing record growth in the number of transactions and also the value of the transactions, it is clear that people have shifted their mindset to use digital payment platforms wherever they go. This in turn means that users want the same experience and the same data to be available to them whether they are offline or online and it is the responsibility of the offline small businesses to provide them with the same.

With Paypal Zettle, the small businesses would be able to accept payments in person with a card reader and also use the same set of details to get themselves online as well and all the data, sales, inventory would be integrated across multiple channels so that the users would be presented a uniform experience across all these channels.

“Consumers want seamless and integrated digital experiences no matter where they shop. As a result, small businesses need access to omnichannel payment and commerce tools to help them effectively compete and meet their customers wherever they are – in-person, online, and in-between,” said Jim Magats, SVP, Omni Payments, PayPal. “We believe in the power of small businesses, and we will leverage PayPal Zettle to better serve in-person businesses and enable them to go digital seamlessly.”

Some small businesses have already started using Paypal Zettle and the overall experience has been very positive, the company said. The company also announced that the card readers would be available for $29 making this a low cost of entry for small businesses. The transaction rates for card processing would be 2.29% + 0.09 cents at the time of launch.

With the payments industry expected to grow multi-fold in the coming months, it is natural that all existing payments companies come up with new features and products across multiple channels for them to acquire new users and enable them to enjoy growth in the industry. It is also important that users are given a seamless and unique experience across channels so that they don’t feel the burden of having to switch their data and preferences across various channels.

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