Saturday, June 22, 2024
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PayRetailers signs sponsorship deal with Superliga Americana de Rugby 2022

The premier payment platform will be the official sponsor of the prestigious pro rugby union league, which will have its 2022 season start in a few months. SLAR is one of two current pro rugby union leagues in the Americas with the other one being Major League Rugby (MLR).

Thanks to this alliance with SLAR, PayRetailers will benefit from the exposure of its brand in South America and around the world through the presence in stadiums, activations, broadcasts and digital assets.

PayRetailers will also take advantage of advertising opportunities across the club’s various communications channels, as well as engaging with both the club’s supporters and sponsors. As official partners, they will join forces to develop platforms and services that provide benefits for the rugby family, including ticket sales and merchandising.

“The addition of a Fintech (financial and technological company) in full expansion, which seeks to achieve greater financial integration in the region, is something that fills us with pride,” said Guillermo Altmann, Commercial Manager of South America Rugby.

PayRetailers helps brokers enter the LATAM markets

With offices in Europe and Latin America, operating in more than 25 countries, PayRetailers offers different international industries a combination of tailor-made methods.

Ever since its founding in 2017, the firm decided to put down deep roots around the continent and currently has a physical presence in most of Latin American markets with expansion to other jurisdictions underway.

The locally embedded approach allows the firm to be highly responsive to varied payments preferences of consumers in this highly diverse part of the world and can help its clients by providing a seamless payments solution covering more than 250 local payment methods in all of the region’s currencies, ranging from in-store cash payments to bank transfers and the rapidly growing number of APMs.

Being among popular online payment services in the region, PayRetailers has a network of local brick and mortar offices in multiple Latin American countries with operations spanning population heavy countries, such as Chile, Peru, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina.

PayRetailers also helps FX brokers to enter the LATAM markets with a diverse suite of payment options through a single integration.

The landscape of payment processing in Latin America, where 50% of the region’s population is unbanked, is particularly complex and nearly impossible for any broker to navigate alone. As such, their alliance with PayRetailers gives users in the region more access to the company’s products, while bringing greater efficiency and reducing operational complexity.


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